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Gordrin Profile | Posts
Gordrin is currently on WoW hiatus, however may return for Warlords of Draenor. If not he will be missed not only for his leadership but also his playing ability. I often seem him playing the occasional Steam game and popping up on Facebook.

Goreblades Profile | Posts
Goreblades is currently tanking for Guild Malice on his Monk. He is an active officer in the guild moving forward into Warlords of Draenor.

If mages were men, Fenix would be a mages mage. He is opinionated and brash, often times being labeled as an asshole. In reality, Fenix is as fair as they come and can occasionally be a nice guy. He has been playing since Vanilla and is always a solid addition to a raid time. He current serves as an raid officer in <Malice> of Haomarush.

Feared by many, loved by some, Dethbane was the original Warrior columnist for Ferocious Inspiration. Trained by our very own Gordrin, Dethbane served as one of our guilds main tanks and took warrior tanking to another level. His analytic mind is a constant boon to the guild and to the blog. He is currently on a WoW hiatus and may not return. (Editors Note - Dethbane has recently broken his hiatus from WoW)

Holyzyro is a Protection Paladin for <Malice> of Haomarush. He has joined our raiding crew for Firelands and is shield bashing his way as a regular tank for our raid team. He plays a shadow priest as well. This is his first post as a guest poster for Ferocious Inspiration. We look forward to seeing what he brings to the community. (Editors Note - Holy has since retired from Malice)