Gordrin | Senior Blogger

I’ve always liked playing games but the allure of WoW didn’t strike me for some time. I originally was playing a small game named NexusTK: Kingdom of the winds as a Monk named Devion, which was like playing Ultima on the original NES. It offered me my first chance at the social and addictive nature of MMORPGs and  in fact many of the people I met in that game I still talk to once in a while. I purposely avoided WoW because I did not want to get addicted to another online game, however when I moved from Connecticut in 2005 my life changed.

A group of coworkers at my new job begged me to play and I eventually gave in. I had not played WoW since the stress test a couple of years prior so I had no idea exactly what I was in for. I started playing August of 2005 and created a warlock named Losoth at the urging of my friends. I found leveling to be very slow (no XP boost yet, no recruit-a-friend yet), but I liked the questing so I kept going.  As soon as I got my lock to 70 all my friends quit except one. So our little friends and family guild merged with a raiding guild. Go figure, when I finally got to start raiding in the new guild, they all server transferred, and then what was left merged with the guild Malice.

I joined Malice in March of 2008 and have not looked back since. I started raiding as my Lock but quickly noticed that we lacked tanks and healers. So my friend and I re-rolled, thus Gordrin was created (lol paladins can’t tank in BC). The rest is pretty standard; I started learning to tank, discovering that my perfectionism worked well for a tank. I began learning to lead 10 mans while watching our other raid leaders. I started reading and researching through blogs \ forums and by the end of BC was leading 25 mans into older content such as SSC (which we hadn’t cleared at that point).

Starting in Wrath I worked very hard to get a raid up in a timeslot that worked for me and thus created what is known as Early Raid in Malice. I am the Main tank of Early raid and the original Wrath RL of it. I was/am the paladin class leader, and the writer of most of our strategies. I started writing a lot of things down for the guild in the forums using it like a blog and then decided to ask Blachand if I could use his blog and the rest is history.

I now play a Shaman (Hotasha), Warlock (Losoth), and my Paladin (Gordrin).  I will hopefully get some things written up for the other classes before cataclysm, but with the PTR I wanted to just  focus on my main class as I will be responsible for my raid again come Cataclysm.

Gordrin can be reached at gordrin@ferociousinspiration.net