Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LFR tips for frost death knights

So you like being a red murder machine? Me too. There is something about topping the charts that just makes me feel complete. Don't get me wrong, being a meter whore can be annoying to others at times. I feel that if I top the charts I've done my job - and done it well. Nothing is more upsetting to me than a DPS who argues that it's not about the numbers - of course it is! Your primary job as a DPS is to deal damage. Now standing in shit, carrying out other tasks, and having fun are also goals but at a binary level we deal damage. Today I wanted to pass on a few tips to help you do more of that.

Specifically I wanted to share some tips for death knights that may be dipping their toes into either raiding or the tier via the LFR tool. Being a DK means we have a large variety of abilities that we can use to stay alive and maximize our output. I feel that toolbox is not only the allure of playing a DPS death knight, but also the pinnacle of a great player.

Hit the jump for the goods.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are epic gems my new headache?

Reading around the wow blogosphere today, I stumbled upon an interesting post over at MMO Melting Pot regarding epic gems. Now I say interesting because just this morning I was in the shower (seething with my usual Tuesday morning irritation) thinking about the implementation of epic gems. It was a totally random thought - I even stopped mid-shampoo and acknowledged that. Maybe I'll start showering a few times a day.

Anyway, the implementation of epic gems is confusing at best with it's current design. With all the new content spilling out onto our computers with 4.3, the implementation of epic gems felt rushed. I wanted to make a short post about the currently model, where it falls short, and how to possibly improve it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pre-raid and BiS gear for your death knight in 4.3

Well, well, well. Here we are a few weeks into the patch 4.3 and the Dragon Soul. I will say that so far I've really enjoyed this content patch thus far. I'm still on the fence about the quality of the raids but I will say there is no lacking in the quantity department.

In fact, the Darkmoon Faire came and went - I was so busy with my death knight, priest and hunter in the 5 mans, LFR and Dragon Soul that I feel like I missed out my chance to really delve into the faire. From what I could see it looks potentially really really fun - maybe next time it comes to down I'll write up what I think about it.

Today it's all about gear.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Priest Talent Breakdown for 5.0

Would You Like Your Face Scrambled Or Sunny Side Up?

Mists of Pandaria is going to be bringing massive changes to all classes and specs, and in the case of Shadow Priests, this will be both fixes that should have never been required, on top of the fact that we're moving towards a third resource required, Shadow Orbs (possibly Evangelism for Disc/Holy).  From what we've been told, this will no longer be RNG proc based, and instead will be given to us in a constant proc based spell, probably through Mind Flay still.

Of course Holy and Disc Priests will be getting some love as well, but unfortunately they'll come more cookie cutter spec than a Shadow Priest will for certain tiers, and vice versa.  I'd love to see which spells have been given as baseline and which are spec specific, but unfortunately Blue Wizards are keeping the scrolls tightly sealed in the vault of madness, along with various ideas they crafted for the World (of Warcraft) to experience but later decided to use them as paper weights.

Now a lot of people will argue that cookie cutter specs will still be around, which is always going to be true when you can only pick a limited number of anything from a large pool of things, but in the case of Priest 5.0 talents, they're going to be encounter specific cookie cutter specs, meaning you'll actually have to know your talents and constantly change when dealing with progression, be it leveling or end-game.  Hopefully this means people will learn to read their talents instead of picking random ones or following the current flavor of the month spec.  So what changes are we going to be seeing?  Keep reading and find out!