Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hotfix Rodeo: INC Massive Threat Changes

It's been a hot minute since we have had worthwhile hotfix news. I guess in reality no news is good news, amirite? Anyway today Blizzard dropped a potential bombshell on the community with some startling news: threat may just be headed the way of the dodo. What is that you say? One of the most quintessential MMO gaming mechanics of all times, even bleeding into single player RTM games (ahem FF13) is now potentially on the chopping block? As with most of Blizzard and their cryptic jibbah jabbah, they mean to say well yes and no. For a more indepth look into one hell of a confusing change, as well as POV opinions from our tanking and DPS staff, take the jump....but not too hard you might pull aggro.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Raiding from Viceland

My FI cohorts and I all belong to the same raiding guild. That is where we all met many raiding tiers ago. Back then I was a scared and nervous little hunter named Blachand who wore mainly S2 PVP gear, facepulled on a regular, and couldn't trap worth shit. That was my lot in life for most of T4-6, the glorious days of The Burning Crusade. In some ways I miss those times, as most seasoned raiders look back on previous tiers with muddled admiration. That, my friends, is a post for another day. No, today we are going to talk about something entirely different.

Even now as I sit here typing this, my hands have the slight quiver of someone who could use a beer or 6, hell maybe even a Vicodin for luck. That's right folks, I like to raid while getting screwed up. We've touched on this before, my co-author Gordrin even addresses this very topic in his series 'Raid Building 101" from time to time. I'm not saying he is speaking directly to me, but I sure have given him a few things to think about in the few years we've been intimately raiding together.

With that fill a pint, grab a pinch, or pop a quaalude.......this begins a look into the twisted mind of a raider who 99.99% of the time would not legally be able to operate a motor vehicle but will crush the damage charts like it's a beer can. Pull up a bar stool or computer chair and hold the fuck on.

Alysrazor Tanking Tips

One interesting thing that has come out of my experiences while tanking Firelands is the need for different gear sets. It seems there are a couple of bosses where certain stats are weighed higher than others. I decided to put together a quick post about how I built each of my sets and what they consist of.

So far it seems three sets seems to do the best for me. The main fights I have a different gear sets for are Alysrazor and Baelroc, the rest of the time I use my normal mastery set.

Gear sets and stat weighing for Alysrazor after the jump.

How To: Alysrazor's Fire Tornado

One of the simplest, yet potentially deadly mechanics in Alysrazor are her fire tornadoes. Technically they should be called FIRENADOES and will be referenced as such hence forth. This should help walk you through one of the many techniques you can employ to avoid dying like the nub you are.