Monday, July 25, 2011

Firelands Tips for DKs

Here we are, a good few solid weeks into Firelands raiding. So far I personally have been having a good time, and I think I can say the same for my cohorts. FL doesn't seem to be overly tuned, it seems with proper practice any boss is manageable. I still have nightmares about Razorscale in Ulduar and just how ridiculous it was. Thank Alune it's not that way on the Molten Front.

Here are some tips and tricks I can offer my dps DK brethren whilst stepping foot into the mighty Firelands. I'll cover the first 5 bosses for now (the first "wing" of FL) and I'll cover the last two bosses in more detail once I get more comfortable with them. As a general rule of thumb the idea is survival. You can't dps when you are dead, right?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Malice VS Shannox 10-man Prot Paladin POV

Our first Firelands kill - and fairly clean too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Subtractoff: An Addon Guide

no, not THOSE addons
Today I wanted to kick off something new and potentially helpful to those who read our blog. It seems that no matter what I post, be it picture or video, someone is always asking me what kind of addons I'm using. I remember a time when I didn't know what an addon was. Just a lowbie level 40 hunter wandering around only doing green quests, I had yet to realize the hidden potential (and issues) of these strange zip files.

I'm going to make a basic assumption that most readers know what an addon is. The idea of this mini-series is to introduce people to addons they may not know about or give insight into how to configure an addon to increase it's potential. Any and all suggestions are welcome, as is expanding on what I'll already post about an addon. I try and mess with addons and learn them in / out but there is always the chance I missed something.

Load up your curse client and grab a beer; Welcome to Subtractoff.