Friday, August 5, 2011

How To: Alysrazor's Fire Tornado

One of the simplest, yet potentially deadly mechanics in Alysrazor are her fire tornadoes. Technically they should be called FIRENADOES and will be referenced as such hence forth. This should help walk you through one of the many techniques you can employ to avoid dying like the nub you are.

Step 1] The firenadoes will spawn in the center and expand outward. At this time just turn yourself toward the center and avoid them while they move into position. Think of Lady Naz'jar in Throne of the Tides and the water spouts that move outward.

Click for a larger size.

Step 2] When the firenadoes stop, get behind one. Keep in mind each row of firenadoes will be moving in the opposite direction so leave some distance if you accidentally stepped in front of one.

Step 3] Here you will notice a firenado moving in the opposite direction. Keep on eye on these.

Step 4] This is the moment of truth....when the opposing firenado goes past you, simply get behind it!

Step 5] Now that you are behind it.... chase it down like a lawyer chasing an ambulance. If you have at least one feather from Alysrazor, it should be no trouble.

Step 6] Once again, keep on eye out for a passing firenado.

Step 7 ] Make sure to get behind said firenado when it passes you.

Step 8] You are now safely behind another firenado and can navigate your way to epic glory!

You will be doing these steps 6-7 times each firenado phase meaning all of these steps are happening very fast. However once you get this down it's almost automatic. Enjoy!

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