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Alysrazor Tanking Tips

One interesting thing that has come out of my experiences while tanking Firelands is the need for different gear sets. It seems there are a couple of bosses where certain stats are weighed higher than others. I decided to put together a quick post about how I built each of my sets and what they consist of.

So far it seems three sets seems to do the best for me. The main fights I have a different gear sets for are Alysrazor and Baelroc, the rest of the time I use my normal mastery set.

Gear sets and stat weighing for Alysrazor after the jump.

The Alysrazor fight is a balance between survivability and damage.  The fight requires you do beat the crap out of a Voracious Hatchling while kiting it around the room to feed it Plump Lava Worms when it goes into a Tantrum.  The main mechanic here is that the Hatchling "Imprints" itself to the closest person when it hatches out of the egg and that person can do 1000% damage do the bird.  This is your main role in this fight.

Modified Stat Weight for Alysrazor

Modified Gear for Alysrazor
The BIGGEST thing you can do to help yourself is to have another weapon you can swap to for this fight. If you have a alternative weapon (like perhaps a Soul blade in your Gbank) that would work well, but any 353ilvl+ one handed weapon should work fine. This weapon should have Landslide enchanted on it. A costly enchant to be sure, but worth the money to increase damage against the Hatchling. This is the single best upgrade I did for this fight.

What is needed for the fight is enough expertise to not miss the Voracious Hatchling which is a level 87 elite. The expertise to soft cap this would be 22 expertise rating, there are a few things you can grab that will help get to this easier. As a Paladin I got it on easy street with the Glyph of Seal of Truth which gives me 10 expertise rating just by having Seal of Truth up.

Speaking of Glyphs, make sure like most boss fights you use Glyph of Focused Shield for the extra damage on the Hatchling, you need every bit of damage you can squeeze out of your gear and glyphs.
Expertise Gear List
Bladed Flamewrath Cover - Just reforge the haste into Mastery for this cloak and it gives a good amount of expertise.  If you are just under the expertise cap think about buying a second Durable Flamewrath Greatcloak and reforge the hit into expertise. Most likely you would have the hit reforged to mastery on your normal use cloak.

Unlock Varlan Highbough by doing the !Calling the Ancients quest for the Molten Front Dailies.
If you are horribly under the soft cap against level 87 targets and you just can't get your Hatchling down you may have to swap out a trinket for the Heart of Rage which is dropped by Chimaeron in Blackwing Decent.

What about Druid tanks?
Most Feral Druids will have no problem with this fight as they are built for this. Our feral druid was getting his Hatchling down a full 5 to 10 seconds sooner than me without changing any gear. Bear druids tend to output more raw damage in general. It is true they recently received a slight nerf, however they are still a bit ahead and combined with the buff, gives them strength here.

My Hatchling keeps getting Tantrum right away when he goes hungry, is there a way to prevent this?
It is very helpful to have a dodge trinket or two instead of a mastery trinket for this fight. I say that because the Hatchling has two states, Satiated and Hungry. In Satiated the Hatchling has a 5% chance to go into a Tantrum every time they hit you. With the Hungry debuff the Hatchling has a 20% chance to go into a Tantrum every time they hit you.

Notice the "every time they hit you"?  That means blocks as well. So when you want to space out the Tantrums so you don't have to survive a full one just pop a dodge or parry trinket as soon as the Hatchling gets the Hungry debuff and it they don't hit you much there won't be as much of a chance for Tantrum. Also if it does go into a Tantrum you have a chance to not take as much damage until you can get it to eat a worm.

Final Notes:
  • Keep away from the Plump lava worms' fire, it hurts really bad.  
  • Also try to pull the Hatchling in from an angle so it jumps and attacks to the side to eat the worm.  
  • The Hatchlings do make an attack that cleaves with a DoT so make sure you keep it away from people.
  • You can tank the Hatchling a little bit into the next phase if need be.
  • After each side finishes their initiates, the DPS should help finish off the hatchling.
  • Reflective damage also gets modified so thorns, retribution aura, Retaliate, etc all deal 1000% more damage than normal. Average of about 160k total damage for 1 Hatchling phase for each buff. Note - shield spikes are not subject to increased return damage.

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