Monday, June 27, 2011

Patch 4.2 Death Knight DPS Changes

Have you ever heard an undead creature weep? Let me tell you, it's a pathetic sound. The only thing worse is listening to the weeping of a creature that was once living, then became undead, then was killed, then was brought back again. That's right folks, it's time for 4.2: DK Nerf-a-thon 2011!

This patch has brought with it a new style in nerfing, the minimalist approach. Blizzard is attempted to piss off player bases by nerfing their classes but not in a traditional sense. Instead of huge long mathy nerfs detailing just how much you are going to suck, the new methodology is to have a few simple nerfs that are as hated as they are not understood.

Lets take a look..........

Source - Full Patch Notes

General Death Knight
  • Obliterate base damage has been reduced to 150% weapon damage, down from 160%.
  • The talent Killing Machine can now properly be triggered from off-hand attacks as well as main-hand attacks.
  • Glyph of Dark Succor has been redesigned. Rather than placing a 15% maximum health floor on Death Strike healing while in Frost or Unholy Presence, it causes the next Death Strike within 15 seconds after killing a foe that yields experience or Honor Points to heal for at least 20% of the death knight's maximum health (still requires Frost or Unholy Presence).

  • Hungering Cold now has a 1.5-second cast time.
  • Might of the Frozen Wastes now increases two-handed weapon damage by 3/7/10%, down from 4/8/12%.

  • Unholy Might now increases Strength by 20%, up from 5%.

When you boil it down we are looking at 6 (yes count them, 6) changes that completely flip the world of DK's end over end. DW and 2H frost are getting nerfed to a point well below average melee dps and the changes to unholy make it barely hedge frost - still well below being overpowered. To be honest, I'm not sure why these changes are even occuring. DK's are not a super overpowered melee class. When it comes to combat log parses from both general DPS and melee specifically we are not leading the pack or devouring the damage meters by any means. To nerf a class that is already a middle of the road performer is puzzling at best, especially if there are no reasons given (like scaling issues at higher levels). Some of the nerfs are clearly PVP based (which I hate with a passion), for example the change to Hungering Cold. HC, with it's short duration CC, was nothing but utility to a raiding DK - hard to imagine why they would supercharge our raid utility by giving us BREZ then strip it down by nerfing one of our few CC options.

Oh well, what can you do? Besides QQ not much. Just pray we are not the next BM hunters who are forever doomed to never see the nerf pendulum swing back into their favor.

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