Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FI gets you ready for patch 4.1!

Word on the street is that patch 4.1 will be dropping on this Tuesday! While this content patch does not include a raid it does have some exciting class and general changes that will breath some life into those already feeling the Cataclysm doldrums. Here are several posts the staff here at FI have been working on the last few months using PTR information as well as some class guides if you wanted to try your hand at another class or spec. Happy reading, raiding and patch day!

Patch Information
Raid Building 101: Looking at Patch 4.1
Random Heroics - Making the grind a little more bearable
Druid tanking gear drops in 4.1 heroics
Plate tanking drops in the new 4.1 heroics
PTR 4.1 warrior changes
PTR 4.1 druid changes
PTR 4.1 paladin changes

Class Guides
Druid Tanking: A Level 85 Guide
Restoration Shaman: A Level 85 Guide
Paladin Tanking: A Level 85 Field Manual

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