Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name

I continue my 20 days of blogging type-cathalon with an easy (and hard) post to tackle, how I named the blog!

Well to be honest it started out fairly easily; I played a hunter. Back in BC one of the most important buffs that hunters (specifically BM hunters) brought to the party was the Ferocious Inspiration buff. Seeing that pop up when crit, I felt like I was helping to contribute being as I had no other buffs to throw up. I can remember being a semi-horrible raider and some old school Malice people being like "oh man, well we need the buff so lets take him" and that is how I got invited to the raid! True story. Of course when that happened I made sure to bring the pain (as much as a hunter can rocking mostly PVP gear from season 2, you know "welfare epics") and prove my worth.

After I was bitten by the raiding bug (and in turn the desire to max/min the hell out of myself) I started to long for some kind of creative outlet. I had dabbled in LiveJournal and decided to try a blog. My sudden inspiration to create coupled with the given the fact that I can be a bit imposing and high strung (and played a hunter) left only two acceptable blog names. Unfortunately NerdRage is already taken so here we are, three years later, still typing with my face and publishing to Ferocious Inspiration.

I should take this time to say thank you. Thank you to all the people who read this blog. Thank you to those people in my life that help to make this is what it is - my benefactors, people who donated their talent and artwork to make this place look as snazzy as it is. Thank you to those people who contribute to this blog. It wouldn't be half as awesome as it is without you all. I think I'm tearing up here.....

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