Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

Day two is upon me! Wow that went fast. Sometimes I wonder if there really is 24 hours in a day or by some sick consequence my days are shorter then previously advertised. Oh well, I guess there is no reason to complain so I might as well jump right on in!

Last night I was thinking about this challenge a bit. My cohorts and I are used to making rather long blog posts on a vareity of WoW related topics but in order to maximize the potential of this challenge I figured I'd keep these posts to brief minimum. I'm sure there will be some posts that will spin wildly out of control (as usual) but I think the true spirit of the challenge has smaller posts in mind. On that note, I'm also going to make this 20 day challenge a weekday event. With approximately 20 weekdays in a month I figured that would make it nice and even. I'll try and keep this one short.

I started FI back in 2008 as a creative outlet for all the fun I was having in Azeroth on my hunter. While I was leveling him I used a whole plethora of online resources (from blogs to databases) and I felt like perhaps I could give back or at least contribute to the very community that helped me. I didn't know much about blogging short of my shortlived days playing around with LiveJournal, so I just rolled with the punches and learned on the fly. Not many people in my guild knew about my blog or even that I would post on it. There was a time when I would cross post my guides and information on both the blog and guild website. This continued for a short period of time and FI fell by the wayside while I began to raid fairly regularly.

Around the middle of 2010, Gordrin (who was a guildy and our raid leader) came to me asking about making a WoW blog. He was also always posting information about Protection Paladins on the guild website and worked with other tanks to improve their skills. After a brief conversation (basically boring him to death about blogging logistics) he simply said "well, can I just blog on your blog?" - the rest is history. Since that time our traffic and readership has seemingly grown exponentially (which is always fun) and we've had a few other contributors come and go.

At the end of the day I love playing WoW. I love talking about WoW and writing about WoW. I love (and I am also shocked) that people are even interested in what I have to write about WoW. Finally, I'm glad that I have the ability to write about WoW and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

Until tomorrow!


Mhorgrim said...

I find Blogging an interesting way of communicating thoughts in a healthir non flaming manner. I enjoy your postings, keep them up. When you love something enough to write about it, it becomes in a way more dear to your heart and allows you to explore new avenues within your chosen field. Thanks for excellent writing and glad your sticking around!

matija said...
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matija said...
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