Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 01 – Introduce Yourself

Well it seems like the best place to start with introductions would be at the beginning.

My WoW adventure began in February 2008 when I decided to buy a new computer. I went all through college with the same old Sony Vaio (purchased in 2002) and it was starting to get outdated. I ordered a new Dell desktop and when it arrived I was super pleased. It had been years since I had a decent running machine that could handle the graphics of modern games and websites. Up until this point I mainly gamed on consoles (PS1 and PS2) and had grown very fond of the Final Fantasy series. FF7 was really the first game in general that enthralled me. Many of my friends were table top gamers as well, and I played Magic: The Gathering with them but I never really delved into the D&D world. Now I had the opportunity to get involved in a game that I hated on (but secretly wanted to play) for a few years, World of Warcraft!

The journey began with a level 1 Orc Hunter named Blachand. I picked the class solely on the fact that my father and I always hunted in the fall. Not to mention all the other classes just seemed alien to me. I was certain that I wanted to play the horde based on my experience playing Tides of Darkness, which is the Warcraft RTS game. Back when I began to play (in the middle of BC) hunters had a few shots then had to run around meleeing the shit out of things with whatever was laying around; a staff, a mace, a sword...... a fishing pole.....for the first 10 levels. When I could finally train a pet, I messed the quest up and never turned it back in to get the Call Pet ability. So I had this Taming Rod in my inventory and I couldn't tame another pet or call forth the existing one. So I just plugged along until level 14 when my shaman buddy figured out the problem and I once again had my trust pet at my side.

The grind to 70 seemed SOOOO impossible that by the time I was mid 60 I was practically clawing my eyes out. This was before they lowered the XP requirements as well so to go directly from 1-70 was challenging as well as daunting. During this time I discovered the one element that was lacking in all the other console / computer games, as well as the one element that would keep me playing WoW to this day: the social aspect. I had found a group of 3 other guys, all from different places in the country (and world), and we all played together! Every day we'd log on, group up, and just play the game. Sometimes we'd be close in level and do some quests together. Sometimes we'd run an instance (usually ending in horrid wipes). Sometimes we did some BG's together. Sometimes we'd be off doing something else but stay grouped up so we could chat. One day we decided to give the in game voice chat a try. It was an odd feeling taking that step into playing a game with people and then talking with those people but we were at home in no time. Much to my wife's shegrin we were all soon laughing and telling jokes and being generally loud over the in game chat - my wife remembers when it was a quiet game.

Once I hit 70 I left the guild I created with those guys and joined my current home, Malice. I wanted to be a raider while the other guys were into PVP or leveling toons. We stayed in touch but mainly those guys fell by the wayside. My early days in Malice were fun and exciting, me learning to be a raider was not only funny but entertaining as well. Just ask Gordrin, he was the tank and raid leader on my very first raid ever. Well I cut my teeth in Kara, ZA, Hyjal, and BT with Malice so by the time Wrath dropped I was a seasoned (and skilled) raiding hunter. Let's just say that the name I made for myself as Blachand the hunter (3 mains ago) carry on to this day and people still call me Blachand - regardless of what toon I play on. During the course of Wrath I played on my hunter (Naxx), my shaman (Ulduar/TOC), and my DK (ICC), basically moving to whatever role my guild needed at that time. I'm currently a druid bear tank for my guild.

When I created Ferocious Inspiration, I basically wanted a chance to voice my thoughts and opinions about anything WoW related. I was also looking to give back to the WoW community who was there for me while I was coming up. I read many a blog and many a database while I was first experiencing the world and without those resources I'd still be that noob carrying around a Taming Rod and no pet. As time progressed and my in game relationships grew, I was joined by a few fellow guildies who were like-minded enough in having a desire to write but different enough to be interesting. The rest is history.

IRL, I'm a young professional who is also married with children. I enjoy being outdoors and activities like hunting, camping, golfing, and hitting the beach routinely fill my summer and fall calendar. I live near Lake Michigan and it happens to be one of the most beautiful bodies of fresh water anywhere in the world. During the summer months we basically frequent the coast each and every weekend. I feel truly lucky to be able to spend that much time with my family around such a magnificent natural element. When I was younger I had the privilege of being in Boy Scouts, allowing me to experience an astronomical amount of natural beauty. I've hiked large portions of the AT (Appalachian Trail), the Bruce Trail, and Pictured Rocks; explored the Lost Sea Caves and camped throughout much of the Midwest and east coast.

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Mhorgrim said...

Nice indepth intro! I find it interesting that many people started tabletop who are in the older brackets for age group.