Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Patch 4.0.6 Paladin Changes

Well 4.0.6 is finally here and with it come a couple of needed changes and a few interesting ones. To be honest not too much effects Protection, but there are some important changes in the other trees that are fairly major. For the most part Retribution received a slight buff and Holy received a slight nerf.

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Protection Tree
Let’s start with the good stuff.

Crusader Strike - This has been buffed by 20% to do 135% weapon damage. Also attacks that miss will no longer grant holy power. So if you are counting on holy power make sure your hit/expertise are decent amounts to not miss often.

Divine Plea - Duration decreased but mana return increased. So mana faster and less time with a 50% healing hit. This is a nice change for prot paladins.

Forbearance - This has been changed to one minute.
  • So now only Divine Shield, Lay on Hands, and Hand of Protection cause Forbearance. This means that if you take both talent points in Guardian’s Favor in the Ret tree you can potentially Hand of Protection a healer once a minute.
  • Be mindful if a paladin healer casts Lay on Hands on you as it will now cause Forbearance.

Holy Wrath - No longer counts critters when dividing damage. lolwut?

Rebuke - This is now a baseline paladin skill at level 54. Go learn it! Finally a real interrupt for Prot Paladins. So go pick up your Rebuke today!

Seal of Truth - This can now be triggered by single target attacks like Judgement and Hammer of Wrath.

Strictly speaking of Protection changes there isn’t really anything other than the fact that Word of Glory no longer resets the swing timer and Lay on Hands is off the global cooldown.

Retribution Tree
Many of these changes are needed as I think. Retribution has been coming in pretty rough because of the hybrid class with the extra healing they can now do for themselves. A damage increase was needed, and it looks like they are changing a few mechanics to help skilled ret players up their DPS quite a bit.

Inquisition - This ability is no longer dispellable.

Rebuke place in the talent tree has been replaced with Sacred Shield.

Divine Purpose - The chance to generate was reduced to 7/15% down from 20/40%, but it now lets your next applicable ability consume no holy power and acts as if you had three holy power when used. If you pay attention to this proc, this can be quite an increase in DPS.

Also note that the Eternal Glory from the protection tree will work with Divine Purpose and not remove the clearcasting effect, just as if it did not consume three stacks of holy power.

Divine Storm - Increased weapon damage percentage from 80% to 100%

Hand of Light (Mastery) - This is been slightly nerfed to 2.1% damage from 2.5% per point in mastery, but the percentage of damage is done as additional holy damage for Templar's Verdict, Crusader Strike, and Divine storm.

Repentance - Will no longer break from Censure (Seal of Truth).

Seals of Command - Will no longer trigger twice on each swing with Seal of Truth.

Zealotry - This is no longer dispellable.

So basically a lot of the baseline DPS has been switch around, what looks initially like a nerf ends up benefiting Retadins. Mastery now helps with baseline DPS, and the additionally holy damage will help because armor is not effected by spell damage.

Holy Tree
Divine Light - Mana cost increased 10%

Divine Plea - This now lasts only 9 seconds, down from 12. It also adds 4% mana per tick instead of 2% for a total of 12% (up from 10%).

Holy Light - Mana cost has been increased by 10%

Aura Mastery - This no longer increases the benefit by Cursader Aura. Booo!

Denounce - This now has a spell indicator.

Protector of the Innocent - This spell now heals for 30% less.

To me this is all a wash if not a nerf. I didn't see paladins not running out of mana so why increase all the costs? I am not sure. The fact that they changed Divine Plea to be easier to use during fights is nice though. The Nerf to Protector of the Innocent is just brutal.

edit: Included miss of crusader strike no longer granting holy power.


MetaManu said...

you missed that misses dont generate HP anymore, which is a real issue for prot if you downforged hit/expertise :)

Gordrin said...

ahh I didn't see that in any tooltip. That is really good to know, I haven't seen the issue with it when I raided last night, but I'll throw it up in there.

MetaManu said...

after some testing, it is not that important. Just dont drop all expertise, use SoT, and you're good. (less WoGs, thou)