Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Raiding Status: Last Exploritory Raid Week.

Most of us here at FI are from the Haomarush guild Malice. We have been doing raids the last three weeks to check out all the content to figure out strategies and how we can best get all our raiders geared out.

How did we do this week with our three day raid?

Tuesday - Night 1
Start Time: 10PM
End Time: 12PM

Bosses defeated:
Baradin Hold - yawn.
Magmaw - Took a few attempts to figure out how to best handle the adds with the group we had. Eventually we had a druid healer switch to boomkin and our favorite Ret paladin/awesome healer to healer.

Bosses Attempted:
Omnotron Defense system: 1 attempt 46%

Basically this made is decide to do this boss again to start the 2nd day of raiding.

Wednesday - Night 2
Start Time: 9PM
End Time: 12PM

Bosses defeated:
Omnotron Defense system: Ended up four healing and then it was a breeze.

We didn't even bother to try more bosses as we wanted to get some loot.

Halfus: Took a couple of tries because we hit the enrage timer on one attempt. Switched the DPS/Healers to releasing the dragons instead of the tanks.
Attempted Twin dragons of sparkling doom: Had a healer have an emergency and a roomate try to play him. Basically wasting a half hour of our raid time. Hit the enrage timer, but figured out a better way of making a circle around the tank and collapsing on the boss for blackout.

Raid 2: A second raid was started and went and attempted Throne of the Four Winds, got it down to 10% on two of them with 1 dead before everyone got knocked off with the wind blast and silenced the whole raid.

Thursday - Night 3
Start Time: 9PM
End Time: 12PM

I was alted because I didn't know when I'd be on in favor of another feral tank. Lucky me a melee dps disconnected with a power outage so I came in and both the feral tanks went kitty DPS so I could single tank the Twin dragons of sparkling doom. Twin dragons of sparkling doom: 1 shot, woot!

Throne of the Four Winds: Hit the enrage timer on one attempt, used time warp on the north wind sooner and got them down with 30min left on the night.

We decided to call it a night because our options were.
a) Try to pull the room full of elementals in pairs and wiping a lot.
b) Try to fight in Throne of the four winds (we pulled Big Al once and the fight looked crazy)
c) Try to fight the next boss in twilight decent.

We decided to just call it a night on a good note, official raiding starts next week after the reset!

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