Friday, January 14, 2011

Raid Building 101: Creating a successful raid group

Have you ever wanted to create a raiding time slot or team in your guild from scratch? When I say from scratch I really mean from scratch. Perhaps you want to bring back a time slot that used to be there but disappeared because a different group always got the bosses down?

Well, I've done it. I'll share with you what I've learned so you can too.

First things first, clear this with your Guild Leader. Without the backing of your Guild Leader veteran people will be unable to help you or perhaps refuse to help you.

Second, be prepared for the ups and downs of a raiding time slot. There will be times where you can't find enough people to fill a 10 man raid. People will come and go, perhaps taking with them an entire group of raiders that may seem like your core raiders.

Third, make sure you talk with people in the guild who used to raid in that time slot or would like to raid in the time slot. Do this to make sure any schedule will fit with the most amount of people.

Only once you get the okay the hard work really begins.

Find some core raiders!
What I did was level with a real life friend of mine, which helped a ton. The time slot we wanted to raid in was not a progression time slot. It was more like something for people to do once and a while. However I wanted to raid progression content pretty badly. The best way to create a raid is to do it the right way with no shortcuts.

The best way (and also the most time consuming) is to get core raiders is to make them from scratch.

Try Heroics!
Run heroics with random people in the guild in the time slot if possible. If you are a healer or a Tank, congrats, your job is easier because people get better queue times when running with you. Talk to the people you are doing heroics with and see if they would be interested in starting out a new raid time or filling it out with new people.

Once you have at least one consistent tank, healer, and DPS, you can start trying to create a raid.

Use the alts of good players!
Good players are good players. If there is an awesome Healer/Tank/DPS chances are they are very good at any role. Use their alts in your time slot to fill in holes if need be. Never try to take an alt over a main unless there is a really good reason, like getting bloodlust/heroism/timewarp or a certain buff for the raid.

Start easy!
Don't try tackling progression raiding right away. I ran Kara until I was pretty much sick of it, every week, without getting a chance to run ZA for a long time. The guild was clearing out TK, SSC, and working on Hyjal late at night, but in my early time slot we were just clearing kara.

Gearing up together makes you stay together!
A lot of the officers and Guild Officers of the Guild I am in were the people who first joined the raid slot I was trying to make relevant again. Like me they all were pretty new to the game, didn't know all the mechanics, and maybe had never lead a raid before, but we all knew each other and we geared up together making us more than raiders, but friends. I still raid with the same core people today.

Offer something different for the raiders!
You may not have progression content down or the best records with bosses, but if you have something different, say a sense of humor about wiping, or don't swear and cuss at people, than the other raid time slots people may stay in your raid just for that alone.

Work with people who get alted from the progression raids!
Find out why people get alted from the progression raids, DPS? Environment issues? Threat issues? Attitude? Tell them to come raid with you and you will work with them on it and report it back to the Raid Leaders of the progression time slot. This can get you very geared people into your raid even if they don't need gear to simply work out what may be wrong with their play styles.

Know that the raid slot is more important than you!
In the end, keeping a successful raid time slot going is having trained/found good backups for the major players in the raid. Always take a break here and there to let other people grow into better raiders. How do you know who can raid lead and who can tank/heal unless you raid with them and let them raid without you and get feedback from the other officers in the raid.

As always, humility is the key.
People are taking time out of their days to raid with YOU, YOU get to raid with them. Thank people for coming, understand when they screw up, and don't hold a grudge against people who leave your raid slot. They may come back so you don't want any bridges burned.

I'll write another post later on keep a raid going through thick and thin.

Gordrin is the current raid leader of Guild Malice "Early Raid". He's held this job for the last 3 expansions and is only moderately insane.

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