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Leveling Chronicle | Day 2 -- Levels 5 - 10

Welcome to my leveling project! After examining a few of the zones looking for my next blogging project, I starting thinking ... why not do A LOT of the zones in one monster of a piece. This way, I can examine all my old world favorites, a few of my not-so-favorites, and examine just how well Blizzards new breadcrumb system works out over the long haul. When I approached Titleist with this idea, he thought it was a wonderful idea. This project allows me to stretch my writing muscle and cover a topic that I have a true passion for--World of Warcraft.

Last time in the Leveling Chronicle: DING--5
With my fifth level obtained, it is time to return to Zen'Tabra to complete my first day with the learning of a new batch of Druidic Abilities, in this case Moonfire and Thorns.
Five Levels down......80 more to go.

And now for the continuation:
Moving back up to the around Vol'jin's tent, I talked to Tortunga, who informs me that the Trolls that are attacking the Naga at Spitscale Cove need my help Breaking the Line. He tells me to talk to Jornun (who is right next to him.....was he just not listening??) to get a ride over to the cove to speak with Morakki. Upon my arrival, Morakki needs me to deface their flags with our Territorial Fetish and to show the Naga in the cave No More Mercy. When I went into the cave, I had to be very careful about where I stood and if i backed up when battling Naga, I needed to look behind me first. This cave is teeming with Naga, and they all travel in packs. There were a few times where I found myself lucky to get out alive because I came into combat with four or even six Naga..........fortunately for me though, I was (barely) able to escape with my life. Once I complete my tasks in the cave, Morakki sends me up to the top of the hill, to assist Vol'jin in dealing with An Ancient Enemy--Zar'jira the Sea Witch.

Quest Reward Selection: No More Mercy: Cold Focus Leggings

This fight was simply a stay alive fight for me. Attack the Sea Witch and take down the adds she spawned. At the end of the fight, in her death struggle, she kills the troll that has followed me through most of my adventures here in the Echo Isles--Zuni. Once Vanira and I pay our last respects to the fallen hero, she transports me back to Darkspear Hold to speak with Vol'jin.

Quest Reward Selection: An Ancient Enemy: Footsteps of the Fallen Friend


When I speak to Vol'jin, he tells me how it is time for my adventuring to take me beyond the Echo Isles and Darkspear Hold, and that I should seek out Master Gadrin in Sen'jin Village.

Master Gadrin needs my help Breaking the Chains of supplies going into Northwatch by destroying 3 crates and the Northwatch Lugs carrying them around. Before I can leave Sen'jin though, Bombay--the Witchdoctor in training--has asked for my help Cleaning Up the Coastline of the crawlers that are there, and to bring him several handfuls of their mucus. When I complethe the clean-up, Bombay then advises me to Never Trust A Big Barb and A Smile, then asks me to put that advice to good use and bring him Vials for Scorpid Venom that I collect via a totem.

Master Gadrin's fight with Northwatch is not yet over either. Now that the supply lines have been destroyed, he believes that it is time to Purge the Valley of remaining Northwatch troops. Lar Prowltusk also wants to take part in the War of Northwatch Aggression by having me destroy three sets of attack plans found in their campsites.

Before venturing back out of Sen'jin, I decided that it was time to invest in my first profession. So, I talked the the trainer and learned Herbalism, teaching me Herb Gathering, Find Herbs and Lifeblood.

Returning to Northwatch, I was able to complete each quest without much incident, following the prompts when killing scorpids to gather their venom.


Quest Reward Selection: The War on Northwatch Aggression: Durotar Gauntlets -- To Sell
Completing The War on Northwatch Aggression also gave me enough reputation to attain Honored with the Darkspear Trolls.

Returning to Lar Prowltusk to report the valley purged, he wants me to start Riding On ahead of him to Razor Hill to seek the aide of the Orcs there by speaking to Gar'thok. before leaving, though, I make sure I grab the Flight Point, on the chance I need to return to Sen'jin again.

Quest Reward Selection: Purge the Valley: Sen'jin Staff -- To Sell


Gar'thok complains about Sen'jins request for help, largely due to Sen'jins proximity to both the Echo Isles and the Valley of Trials--a constant source of new adventurers her in Durotar. He uses this conversation to also clue me in to the problems Razor Hill is having. Evidently, things at Kul Tiras are Going From Bad To Worse, and he needs me to kill Marines, Sharpshooters and their commander, LT Palliter.

Orgnil Soulscar is also in need of my assistance. There is a Burning Blade infestation in the caves east of Razor Hill, and he needs me to go there and thin out the infestation, and bring him back several of their spellscrolls.

Gail Nozzywig ALSO needs my help. She wants me to assist her in Exploiting the Situation at Kul Tiras, and bring her back some treasures from there while I am busy killing troops.

Before I complete these adventures, there are three things I need to take care of inside Razor Hill.

First, I grab the Flight Point for Razor Hill.

Second, I train my second profession, Inscription. Training this teaches me the skills Inscription and Milling.

Third, I seek out my Trainer, and learn my level 8 abilities: Cat Form, Claw, Ferocious Bite, Rake, Rejuvenation and Starfire.
Leaving Razor Hill in my wake, I run in my new Cat Form to Kul Tiras to kill troopers. When I venture into the keep where LT Pallinter in stationed, I encounter a Rare Spawn creature -- Sergeant Curtis. A quick battle later and what did this rare mob drop for me?????

A lousy Small Brown Pouch, that what (Guess they can't ALL be winners)

Once the human slaughter and treasure gathering in complete in Kul Tiras, I went north east to the caves to kill some legions of the Burning Blade. What happened in there though surprised me. As I killed members of the Burning Blade, I got turned into a Demon, but kept my kitty abilities (demon-kitty??)

Returning to my "natural" cat form and trekking back to Razor Hill, I speak to Orgnil Soulscar who, pleased with my work with the Burning Blade, sends me to Gor the Enforcer at The Dranosh'ar Blockade.


Gar'Thok is also pleased with my work, and wants me to go back and stop the Foaming Sea Creatures from Storming the Beaches to the North of Kul Tiras.

Quest Reward Selection: From Bad To Worse: Razor Hill Blade -- To Sell

Gail Nozzywig, also pleased with my work, sends me to do some Shipwreck Searching--specifically, for Gnomish Tools.

The Butcher, Grimtak, has some Meats for Orgrimmar, but before they can make that journey, I need to speak with Burok the flightmaster. Burok wants me to go ahead and take a Ride to Orgrimmar to deliver the meat to Gryshka in the inn in the Valley of Strength. Upon delivery, Gryshka sends me to see Doras the Wind Rider Master with a letter. WHen I talk to Doras, she has me Return to Razor Hill and deliver Gryshka's letter to Grimtak.

Venturing back to the beaches north of Kul Turas, strewn among the Gnomish Tools and Foaming Sea Elementals, I come across several injured Horde soldiers in the sand. Speaking with one, I learn how I can effect a Loss Reduction by helping a few of them, so they can live to fight another day.

Returning to Razor Hill following my three quest completions, it is time to inform Gar'Thok of my victory.

DING--10 Time for Talents.

Although Changelingz is going to be a healer, I am planning on waiting until level 30 to get him his restoration spec, because trying to level as a resto druid is NOT something I want to even fathom. SO, for the time being, I will level as a feral combat druid. Choosing this spec grants me the abilities Mangle (Bear), Vengeance, Mangle (Cat) and Feral Instinct. Furthermore, I invest my first talent point in Furor, allowing me to pop into kitty (and later bear) form with some starting energy (and later rage). From my trainer, I am able to learn Prowl.

Join me next time in the Leveling Chronicle, as I make my decision on where to go following Durotar and get my new Shapeshifting ability.

For a general overview of the Darkspear Troll Starting area, visit my previous post "A New Stab At The Future -- A Darkspear's Beginning" here on Ferocious Inspiration.

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