Friday, January 21, 2011

Leveling Chronicle | Day 1 -- Levels 1-5

Welcome to my leveling project! After examining a few of the zones looking for my next blogging project, I starting thinking ... why not do A LOT of the zones in one monster of a piece. This way, I can examine all my old world favorites, a few of my not-so-favorites, and examine just how well Blizzards new breadcrumb system works out over the long haul. When I approached Titleist with this idea, he thought it was a wonderful idea. This project allows me to stretch my writing muscle and cover a topic that I have a true passion for--World of Warcraft.

I, Changelingz of the Darkspear Tribe, awaken to being my stalwart adventuring on the Echo Isles. Turning to Jin'Thala, he tells me how he feels the time has come for the Rise of the Darkspear from the ashes of the past, and that he sees in me the future of my people. He directs me to Zen'Tabra in the Training Grounds, to begin to Learn the Basics: Hitting Things--namely Tiki Targets that are all around us.

Zen'Tabra then tells me that the Darkspear Tribe has had A Rough Start in establishing ourselvesin the Isles; Wildmane Cats still roam the area unchecked. As I am working on collecting 6 of their pelts, I receive and accepted my invitation to join Malice, allowing me to stay in touch with my friends during this endeavor. With enough cat pelts, it is time for me to prove myself in the Proving Pit to see if I am worthy to defend the Darkspear Tribe. After speaking to the jailor, he releases a Naga Spitscale Scout into the ring for me to engage.

With another level completed, it becomes time to educate me in the Art of the Druid--namely, my ability to heal those around me. Zen'Tabra has me learn my first new ability -- Healing Touch -- and use it to restore life to 5 Wounded Darkspear Watchers. With me completing More Than Expected, Zen'Tabra sends me now to speak to the leader of the Darkspear Tribe, the Hunter Vol'jin.

[At the mailbox before Vol'jin's hut, though, I stop at the mailbox. This allows me to pick up all the BoA gear I sent myself (see day 0), as well as retrieve all my new-toon pets I get whenever I start any new toon:
Moonkin Hatchling

Obtaining these pets also earns for me the following Achievements / Feats of Strength

[Following an in-game dialogue featuring a vision between Vol'jin and the new Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, your tribal leader sends you to speak with Moraya to continue my good works for the Trolls.] On my way to see Moraya, though, I am asked to go Crab Fishin' and gather some Fresh Crawler Meat. Holding on to this for now though, I proceed to Moraya who tells me of a young Troll at the Bloodtalon Shores named Kijara who will tell me of A Trolls Truest Companion.

There are two simple ways to get to Bloodtalon Shores, A bridge or swimming. I opted for the swimming route, as it allowed me to gather the meat I needed from the crabs. Upon my arrival, Kijara asks for my help Saving the Young Bloodtalon Hatchlings. Before leaving this island, I turned and talked to Tegashi, who asked me to bestow my Mercy for the Lost and corrupted Bloodtalon Raptors at Zalzanes Fall. And while I am there, he also asked me to deal with the Consort of the Sea Witch, and bring him back the Nagas Orb.

These quests in hand, I turn to Zalzanes Fall, and get a surprise.

Using the whistle to gather younglings and kill the corrupted raptors around them, I turned afterwards to attack Naj'tess and recieved another amusing surprise. The young hatchlings o collected actually latched onto the Naga, and slowed down his spellcasting, making it much easier to kill him. My missions accomplished, I returned triumphant to Bloodtalon Shores to speak again to Kijara.

Quest Reward Selection: Consort of the Sea Witch: Bloodtalon Keeper Leggings--to sell

Kijara now has a new mission for me. there is a Young and Vicious raptor running wild around the Shores, and he needs to be captured and put in the pens back at Darkspear Hold. The easiest way I found to do this is to watch his path (he runs in a fairly pre-determined route) and when he passes close enough, throw out the rope you were given. This resulted in me jumping on the running raptor--he doesn't stop just because he has been lassoed. Guiding him across the bridge and into the pen, my return to Darkspear Hold warrants a return to Moraya.

Quest Reward Selection: Young and Vicious: Moraya's Belt

With my fifth level obtained, it is time to return to Zen'Tabra to complete my first day with the learning of a new batch of Druidic Abilities, in this case Moonfire and Thorns.
Five Levels down......80 more to go. What befalls Changelingz tomorrow on his bold quest? Stay Tuned for Day 2.

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