Thursday, January 20, 2011

Leveling Chronicle | Day 0 -- The Creation Process

Welcome to my leveling project! After examining a few of the zones looking for my next blogging project, I starting thinking ... why not do A LOT of the zones in one monster of a piece. This way, I can examine all my old world favorites, a few of my not-so-favorites, and examine just how well Blizzards new breadcrumb system works out over the long haul. When I approached Titleist with this idea, he thought it was a wonderful idea. This project allows me to stretch my writing muscle and cover a topic that I have a true passion for--World of Warcraft.

Race and Class
When I first approached this idea, I was going to use it as a springboard to also expand my class base that I play with. I thought long and hard, and had a few different ideas. My first (and for a time strongest) idea was to get rid of the level 62 Shaman that I have been working on and just starting him over (he had been fun up until that point, wouldn't have minded doing it again). The more I thought about that though, the less I wanted to do it. Long story short, every class I thought of had pros and cons for why I either should or shouldn't build one.

Then, I put my ear to the ground in Malice (the guild I belong to) and started figuring out what we needed. I asked a few of the other officers, the guild officers, and the guild leader himself. What I found out was that our second weekly raid time slot sorely needs healers. Not just any healers either, Druid healers. When I approached the guild leader about making a druid healer to help out, I had 4 other officers all chime in with the same question.....
"Don't you already have a Druid???"
The answer, of course, was yes (I was on my druid when we were having this discussion actually). I tank on my druid in our early raid time slot. But if I just did the simple thing and convert him to a healer, early raid would not only lose a tank, but would lose a body in their rosters, because I couldn't be in both raids in the same week. Thus, I had sold myself (if not anyone else) on the idea of me having two druids--two druids in the same faction no less.

I knew one thing I needed to be careful of was creating a carbon copy of my first Druid. I enjoy playing that Druid (Founderz is his name) an awful lot and I need to make sure that I don't just recreate him. Several steps went into ensuring that the duplication does not occur:
  1. I decided that since Founderz has a feral tanking MS and a caster OS, My new toon (once he reaches 85) will have a resto MS with a Feral OS.
  2. Founderz is a Tauren. The new toon will be a Troll.
  3. Instead of waiting to level 80 to start gathering gear for both sets, I will gather them throughout the entire leveling process. This way I can get some healing practice in during the earlier levels so it is not such a shock at 85.
  4. Founderz is a skinner and a miner, both for the Master of Anatomy buff to crit and the Toughness buff to his stamina. The new toons professions will be niether of these (though I still need to ponder what they might be).
  5. I know there will be other differences, but I can't think of them right now.
Now for the part that I actually think is the hardest part of creating a new toon.....the name. I decided to think back to the name I gave my first druid, Founderz, and why I named him that.

If any of you watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, you know where that name came from. The Founders are the shape-shifting controllers of the Dominion. Since Druids use their shape-shifting abilities to master the environment, it seemed like a good fit.

Why not use the same idea a way.

All throughout the series, this race of shape-shifters were only referred to as the Founders by their subjects who considered them to be gods. Everyone else referred to them as Changelings.


Thus, my new druid now has a name (with some creative spelling): Changelingz. 

Setting up for Success
As I do with any other toon that I create, i decided to set my new druid up for success with some BoA gear, some bags, and--of course--some walking around money. So, I jumped on my bank alt and dropped Stained Shadowcraft Tunic, Inherited Cape of the Black Baron, Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders, and Repurposed Lava Dredger in the mail, as well as 4 bags I had chilling in some bank somewhere, and 100g (I hate being broke).

With everything as in place as I can make it.........

This journey is set to begin with a single mouse click .............

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Titleist said...

Go go Changelingz! I know I'm looking forward to reading this very much.

Good luck...and God speed!