Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hotfix Rodeo: One Six Eleven

So I've been eagerly watching for all the Blizzard hotfixes post-Cataclysm release in hopes of finding that ONE gem of a hotfix that makes a huge smile break over my face. I'm sad to report that it's been fairly lackluster as of late, with nothing of real interest happening until today. Don't get me wrong - the list today is nothing to write home about, at least in my opinion, however they are not too shabby either. I can say I am sad to report my raid groups shadow priest will not be getting dodge from food cauldrons anymore - which makes me a little sad.

Anyway the full list here and also the jump!

Mix Master and Better Leveling Through Chemistry - These are now significantly easier to obtain. I do like this change given the MASSIVE amount of flasks (and in turn volatiles and herbs) that was originally required. Someone on Wowhead did the math and it came out to be 60,000 volatile air - and that was just one ingredient of the requirement! Considering that in Cataclysm flasks require about twice the raw material and yield half the amount of flask (making them about 3-4 times more "expensive") anything to ease the pain is welcome.

The Deadmines Nerf - I hate using the word nerf so I'll channel some Blizzard corporate buzzwords.....I am glad they have "tuned" the Deadmines to bring it more "in line" with other similar heroics. In all reality the trash in deadmines was pretty extensive. Given proper CC and use of resources (cannons for example) it was manageable but exhausting. The place itself is so long with so many encounters having to deal with copious amounts of trash really detracted from the enjoyment of the heroic aspect of an old school favorite. As for the few other changes to the boss mechanics, they are not really earth shattering and not worth commenting on.

Mo Money, Mo....Problims? - My feelings on the TB hotfixes are twofold. I know that some of these are challenging for non-tanking classes and I think the changes are both good and bad depending on which you are. I will say anytime Blizzard looks at increasing rep and gold rewards that is never a bad thing. This is exactly what they have done with three of the TB controlled area daily quests. I didn't think securing exalted status with your factions TB group was honestly hard - although I wouldn't mind seeing an increasing the token drops to match the rep gains. I'm already exalted but only halfway done collecting the commendations for my SECOND item. Not a very good rep to token ratio if you ask me, but this is a minor issue not causing me to lose sleep.

Four Square Mealzors - Probably the biggest thing I'm excited about is having the rations drop from mobs within the underground area. I was just joking with some guild mates about the difference between the collection quests; the comment was you can collect 4 dusty journals one day and then (what feels like) 36,000 food rations the next. In all reality it was not the volume of the items that is bad but the insane spawn rate of baddies in the area. With the rations having a seemingly normal spawn rate - it can be a painful experience. I highly welcome the new change and hope they adopt this for the shackle quest as well.

Ramkahen's Camel Express - There is now a mailbox in Ramkahen! Thank It is right by the main building entrance, however it can be hard to find. It looks like a small bulletin board and the color is nearly that of the ground. Either way I'm happy about this.

MOAR EPIX - Looks like the trash in Blackwing Decent has a slightly higher chance to drop some epic loot. Is there anyone who doesn't like that? Yeah, I didn't think so.

That's a Problim - LOL don't say I didn't warn you. There were a few negative changes to these as well. The first (and most obviously painful) is the change to Problim. He is no longer subject to CC. Now I must do some testing on this but I assume that includes slows and stuns - making him not soloable by mages, dps dks, hunters, rogues, dps warriors, and just about anyone else that would be able to slow or stun. I can see Blizzards point of view on this, they WANT this to be a group quest but making it require a tank is just making it harder to complete. I don't think it's anything to /quit about, it's just another pain point for DPS players.

Buy Stock in Croc - Another large dislike is related to the crocolisk quest. The croc skins are now not a group loot item. This is a normally understandable change, however it was hard enough to find and kill 8 crocs even when large groups were going around killing a max of 8 crocs. Now that every single person has to kill and loot 8 there will never been crocs around. /sigh Maybe this is why they increased the gold and rep rewards?

So that about rounds out the hotfix changes as they are important to me. It was better than some recent batches of fixes so all in all I think it was worth mentioning some opinion on some. Speaking of opinions......I think Blizzard should have to introduce a new companion pet every time they hotfix the game. This is encouragement for Blizzard to get it correct the first time and in the event that they don't, we get to adopt a new furry friend. Who is with me?

Until next time remember: follow your kill order, don't drop your CC, and hug your tanks!

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