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Holy Moonglow, Batman - How I did my Lunar Festival

Hearthing to Orgrimmar, I talked to the Lunar Festival Herald, who tells me that the Lunar Festival has begun, and sends me to the Valley of Wisdom to seek out the Harbringer. The Lunar Festival Harbringer, it seems, has an affinity for the Lunar Fireworks, and asks me to launch a few off for her. Buying the fireworks from the vendor standing close by, I receive a Lunar Festival Invitation for my troubles. The Harbringer tells me to stand in the pillar of light to her right and use the invitation in order to be teleported to Moonglade--the hub for the Lunar Festival activities for all of Azeroth, and to speak with Valadar Starsong once I arrive. Before standing in the light, though, I stop and speak to Darkhorn the Elder. For paying my respects, i receive a Coin of Ancestry, awarding me the achievement A Coin of Ancestry. 

Being ready to go, I stand in the pillar and use the invitation, and am transported through time and space to Moonglade. Seeking out Valadar Stormsong, he directs me to defeat the quintessential enemy of everything the Lunar Festival stands for--the Great and Terrible Omen--in order to receive Elune's Blessing. Awesomeness followed, as Omens still dead corpse lay dead and bathed in light as I approached him, allowing me to receive the blessing without having to hack through his 5.2M HP. With my mission "accomplished," I returned to Starsong receiving the Elune's Blessing achievement.

Returning back to Orgrimmar and the Valley of Wisdom, I purchase an ass-ton of firework clusters and other fireworks and walk over to the launchers. Shooting off ten
Red Rocket Clusters and 10 Festival Firecrackers, I receive the achievements The Rockets Red Glare and Frenzied Firecracker.

With those done, it is time to go off to Moonglade again so I can fly over to Everlook to hit up (and by hit up I mean honor) all the Elders of Kalimor first. While I am not going to narrate my trip from Elder to Elder, here is a list of which elders i visited, in order, and where they are each located:

Elder Darkhorn - Orgrimmar - Valley of Wisdom
Elder Stonespire - Everlook
Elder Brightspear - Winterspring (in the ruins of Kel'Theril)
Elder Nightwind - Felwood (in Jaedenar)
Elder Starweave - Darkshore (on the beach near Lor'danel)
Achievement -- 5 Coins of Ancestry
Elder Bladeleaf - Dolanaar
Elder Brightswift - Darnassus (in Cenarion Enclave)
Elder Riversong - Astranaar
Elder Moonwarden - Crossroads
Elder Windtotem - Ratchet
Achievement -- 10 Coins of Ancestry
Elder Highmountain - Vendetta Point
Elder Bladehoof - Bloodhoof Village
Elder Ezra Wheathoof - Thunder Bluff
Elder Mistwalker - Dire Maul (in stadium, but NOT inside the instance)
Elder Grimtotem - Feralas (Larissa Pavilion)
Elder Primstone - Silithus (Crystal Vale)
Elder Bladesing - Cenarion Hold
Elder Thunderhorn - Un'Goro Crater (The Slithering Scar)
Elder Ragetotem - Tanaris (Valley of Watchers)
Elder Dreamscar - Gadgetzan
Elder Morningdew - Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge
Elder Skyseer - Freewind Post
Elder Runetotem - Razor Hill
Elder Skygleam - Azshara (Ravencrest Monument)
Achievement -- Elders of Kalimdor
With the Elders of Kalimdor completed, its time to return to Orgrimmar and hop a zeppelin over to the Eastern Kingdoms to honor those Elders as well.
Elder Snowcrown - Lights Hope Chapel
Achievement -- 25 Coins of Ancestry
Elder Wildrun - Eastern Plaguelands (Crown Guard Tower)
Elder Moonstrike - Scholomance (on castle outside of instance)
Elder Meadowrun - Western Plaguelands (Weeping Cave)
Elder Darkcore - Undercity
Achievement -- Elders of the Horde
Elder Obsidium - The Sepulcher
Elder Highpeak - Hinterlands (On a hill centerish of zone)
Elder Bronzebeard - Ironforge (Mystic Ward)
Elder Goldwell - Kharanos
Elder Silvervein - Thelsamar
Elder Ironband - Searing Gourge (Blackchar Cave, extreme SW in zone)
Elder Stormbrow - Goldshire
Elder Hammershout - Stormwind (outside main gate)
Achievement -- Elders of the Alliance
Elder Skychaser - Sentinel Hill
Elder Starglade -Zul'Guruub
Elder Winterhoof - Booty Bay
Elder Bellowrage - Dark Portal
Two continents down, and with no Elders to honor in the Outlands, that just leaves one to go--Northrend. 
Elder Pamuya -Borean Tundra - Warson Hold (outside the hold on the rocks)
Elder Sardis - Borean Tundra - Valiance Keep (outside on the rocks)
Elder Arp - Borean Tundra - D.E.H.T.A Camp
Elder Northal - Borean Tundra - Transitus Shield
Elder Sandrene - Scholazar Basin - Rivers Heart
Elder Wanikaya -Scholazar Basin - Rainspeaker Rapids (by large Freya Avatar)
Achievement -- 50 Coins of Ancestry
Elder Bluewolf - Wintergrasp (inside the fortress)
Elder Morthie - Dragonblight - Stars Rest
Elder Skywarden - Dragonblight - Agmar's Hammer
Elder Thorim - Dragonblight - Moa'ki Harbor
Elder Beldak - Grizzly Hills - Westfall Brigade Encampment
Elder Whurain - Grizzly Hills - Camp Oneqwah
Elder Lunaro - Grizzly Hills - Ruins of Tethys (small island NE of Oneqwah)
Elder Tauros - Zul'Drak - Zim'Torga
Elder Greymane - Storm Peaks - K3
Elder Fargul - Storm Peaks - Frosthold
Elder Stonebeard - Storm Peaks - Bouldercrag's Refuge
Elder Muraco - Storm Peaks - Camp Tunka'lo
Achievement -- Elders of Northrend
Teleporting back to Moonglade (Hooray for being a Druid), I used five coins for my Festive Black Pant Suit, getting me the achievement Lunar Festival Finery. Now, all that remains is the fun part of this whole enterprise.........the elders inside 13 of our most favorite dungeons. As a level 85 Feral Druid, i was able to solo all of these---on heroic no less. That being said, I am sure that on a max level toon you should have no problems taking care of these dungeons, on either normal or heroic difficulty.
Elder Igasho - Nexus
Elder Nurgen - Azjol - Nerub
Elder Kilias - Drat'Tharon Keep
Elder Ohanzee - Gundrak
Elder Chogan'gada - Utgarde Pinnacle
Elder Jarten - Utgarde Keep
Elder Yurauk - Halls of Stone
Elder Splitrock - Maraudon (walkway leading to Princess)
Elder Wildmane - Zul'Farrak
Elder Farwhisperer - Stratholme
Elder Starsong - Sunken Temple
Elder Morndeep - Blackrock Depths (inside Ring of Law)
Elder Stonefort - Blackrock Spire (Hordemar City)
Achievement-- To Honor One's Elders
Congratulations on your new title. Enjoy wearing Elder with pride.

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