Friday, August 20, 2010

Bored on a weekday night? Try Naxx.

Given the combination of summer lag, pre-expansion disinterest, and my work schedule, being able to raid regularly has become a bit of a challenge. As a result I've taken to leveling a few alts and doing some other things I've long put off achievement wise. I'm trying to get back into the raiding schedule but I don't know if that will happen prior to Cata. Regardless of that I'm always looking out for some fun things to do with the content available. Enter Patchwerk10. With the help of a few good men from Big Crits we took on Patchwerk with just 4 people. The group consisted of 2 tanks, 1 healer, and myself as DPS. Let's just say we barely made the enrage time. It was a good time to be had and I have put together this quick little video to showcase our uberleetsauceness. Yes, I said that. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Intermission: Moar Minerals Anyone?

Well I must come clean, I've been cheating on WoW. Well, not technically but sort of. The last few weeks I've been playing around with SC2, really having a fun time. I've been unable to raid due to my work schedule so the ability to play some SC2, either campaign or just a few fast matches has been able to fit me "moar better" as of late. While SC2 is fun I don't really see it replacing WoW for me as I like RTS. However the PVP aspect of the game is not really something I could play at a caliber I want to nor enjoy. Let's face it, people play SC and SC2 to playing in PVP battles. So for now I'll enjoy playing some co-op and working through the campaign.

This is me and a buddy playing some 2V3AI in Starcraft II. We are total noobs but fast learners. Our general strategy is to run with basil resources while quickly building Photon Cannons inside the enemy base. If pulled off you can destroy 2 of the 3 players while gaining a foothold near the last player. Then we kick out some cheaper units and pwn the last player right in the arse. Enjoy!