Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Utilizing AMS to the fullest

Anti-magic Shell (AMS) is one of the most underrated and overlooked death knight abilities we have available, given it's benefits and flexibility. When someone asks me for help with their deathknight, usually the first thing I advise them to do is put AMS on their action bar and use it at least once an encounter. Yes, AMS can be utilized in every single encounter currently in the game. Today we'll take a look at it's benefits (hidden and otherwise) as well as when to use this amazing ability. Let me be clear, this will be from a DPS point of view, however much of what I have below can be mapped over into the world (uuuhhhgggg) of deathknight tanking.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maximizing MM Hunter DPS Passively

Playing a hunter today is much different that it was in any other expansion. The class use to be more utility (kiting and crowd controling) than most pure dps classes and Blizzard has sought to move away from that. With that said the hunter class today is capable of some serious damage output when put into the correct hands. Today I'm going to talk a bit about the ways you can maximize your Marksman output with automation and instantly reap the benefits.There are roughly 5 ways as a hunter you can passively increase your output. Three of them involve using macro (no, not in that way you silly BC hunter) and 2 involve basic consumables. Let's begin with some basic macro.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Then There Was Upgrades!

So I've been kind of busy recently, given a new job and the typical summertime rush but I did manage to lay the ground work for our new domain, Ferocious Inspiration and our very own YouTube channel! I'm very excited about both of these updates, especially the nifty domain name. I've been wanted to take my you tube channel and more personal direction for sometime now and I never realized just how messy it can be to migrate. I basically have to start from scratch and upload all the videos I had again. It was a total PITA. Well that's it for tonight, I'll probably be working on some goodies for this and my personal blog, The Drain Plugg, here tomorrow sometime.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decision Time

So in preparation for Cata I decided to start early on my leveling decision. Normally I would wait until the expansion date was set before I'd consider this. However with Cata there will be so many changes I'll have my planning plate full by that time. I've been considerably busy with a multitude of projects (both for business and pleasure) so I've had limited amount of time to full delve into the changes but I've heard enough. Due to the total revamp of the talent trees I think it wise to nail down my character selection early, that way I can enter into the unknown with at least something figured out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[Death Knight] Frost DW DPS Guide (3.3.3)

Death Knights are a hybrid plate wearing class that are capable of tanking or dealing melee dps. In order to obtain access to a DK you must have at least one character at level 55. You are limited to one DK per server. When WotLK first dropped the DK floodgates opened and there was DK’s all over the freakin’ place. Since then, ironically, the numbers have thinned in both DK tanks and dps. The beauty of DK flexibility is that you can dps or tank in any of the 3 trees. Of course there are some that are better than others for specific situations, but generally speaking you can play any tree with success. This guide will be covering melee dps from the dual wielding frost perspective. There are other raid specs that are more than viable, and I may cover that one day, but for now its DWDPS time. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving, moving, moving.

Happy Independence day for those of you living in the U.S. of A. and to those US citizens currently overseas! I've had myself a nice little weekend, spending some time with the family and on the beach. Win win.