Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Valley of Trials - An Orcs Beginning

The Valley of Trials, where many a young orc has begun their long series of quests on the roads of Azeroth, has also received a facelift after Deathwing brought the Shattering to the World of Warcraft. Though not as major as some of the other remodeled starting zones, there are still enough changes to be worth mentioning.

Before getting into some of the quest changes, it is interesting to note that there have been some layout changes to this time honored crucible for young adventurers. Chief among these is the inclusion of a mailbox (as stated in my previous post, handy for mailing yourself your BoA gear and some startup money) right next to where you spawn. Another change is that the quest givers and the weapon and armor vendors as well as the class trainers have been moved out of the cave. They are now spread around the front of it, making them much easier to find and utilize.

Many of the quests in this starting area have remained the same, with a few exceptions. The very first (well, first one except for the "go to the quest-giver quest) entitled Cutting Teeth has no real changes, except the all the boars have been corralled together and this quest can be accomplished without any thought. You move from there into Invaders in Our Home, which brings about a shocking revelation--Theremore Scouts--HUMANS--in the Valley of Trials!! Killing seven doesn't quite seem like enough; I know I didn't stop killing the pink skins until all I saw were dead.

Many if the other quests stayed mostly the same, with the exception of what their rewards are. For completing a majority of the quests here (to include the revised class-specific quest) a piece of gear--be it a new weapon or better armor--is given, and with all quests there is monetary compensation. This comes in handy in these lower levels when copper and silver are at a premium. When it comes time to get into the mob-filled cave to complete Burning Blade Medallion and Thazz'ril's Pick there is some (moderately) good news. Adventurers in the past to these parts will remember the Orc for Burning Blade Medallion being up on a ledge that was difficult to get to. This is no longer the case, as Blizzard moved the orc "Yarrog Baneshadow" down from the ledge directly downstream from the waterfall where you loot the pick axe.

I stopped my Orc upon completing the Valley of Trials because both the Orc and Trolls explore Durotar as their first adventure. Since there are two races that use this same zone, I decided to continue on into Sen'jin village and Razor Hill using a Troll. It is interesting to note that the quest picked up outside the Valley of Trials, in which you deliver a message to Razor Hill and get food or water in return, is gone.

All in all, it is a very enjoyable romp down memory lane as we begin our quests anew with the new race/class combination. Blizzard did a remarkable job keeping the spartan feel of this zone, making it a desolate place to begin cutting your teeth FOR THE HORDE!!

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