Friday, December 3, 2010

New Tirisfal Glades Starting Area

Okay guys, so I took some time away from doing the thumb twiddling I have been doing while waiting for cataclysm to drop and decided to look at the new Tirisfal Glades questing, and so far I must say that I am fairly impressed. It seems that Blizzards was very true to their word when it comes to making the quests flow, because that seems to be exactly what it has been doing so far.

So I decided to go back to my roots and make a new Forsaken Warrior (that's what Goreblades stated out as after all) to explore the new starter zone for the Forsaken, and see what all has changed. I usually play through starting zones whenever Blizz announces that they have made changes, just to see what they have added or taken away from what everyone sees as their first experience in World of Warcraft. Like most people, when patch (or whatever) came out and all the mobs in the starter zones were completely replaced with "yellow mobs," I was disappointed. It made them way too easy and gave people a false sense of security which undeniably led to dead players when they first ventured away from the safe haven of the starter zone. Well, with 4.0.3a, this is no longer the case. While all the mobs they will initially encounter will still be yellow, The zones culminate in seeking out a specific guy who will be a red mob, and he will be ensconced in a group of red mobs, just waiting to kick your new toons butt.

But, back to the Forsaken........

This starter zone begins with you being brought back to life by a Val'kyre. You are told to go find the undertaker because he has some stuff for you to do. Some of the quests there are very similar to old quests (kill some Zombies, etc) but there are some others that added some fun. One quest has you have to go tell three guys that don't want to admit it that they are indeed dead now and among the ranks of the Forsaken. In another quest, you get a new NPC to follow you around while you walk around Deathknell point out dead Scarlet Crusader flunkies for him to pick up and carry around. The starting zone here completes with you having to go and attack a sect that doesn't play nice with other Forsaken newcomers (the Rotbrains i believe they are called) led by---one of the three NPCs you had to tell that he was dead earlier.

All in all, I am very pleased with the new starter Zone. Other additions make the starting a little easier on the seasoned veteran WoW player like mailboxes in the starting zones (perfect for collecting the BoA gear and money you just sent your new toon), and revised gear quest rewards in addition to monetary rewards with (almost) every quest.

Another thing they did that I liked here was kinda like a secondary starter area........kind of an in between area between Deathknell and Brill that gets you used to fighting all red mobs and eliminates the lonnnnnnnng trek between the two original quest hubs (Deathknell and Brill). Here again you will re-encounter old familiar quests, with a few new ones to add some spice to players who leveled here before (think "get me a pet murloc quest.....'nuff said).

I don't want to say too much more, because i think it is one of those zones that, if you loved the original Tirisfal Glades questing zone, you will defiantly want to go and give this new one a try.

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