Monday, November 8, 2010

Prot Paladin: Tanking weapons in 4.0.1 and Cataclysm

So you are all proud of owning Mithrios and then 4.0.1 comes out. Now you wondering if you still have an awesome tanking weapon in your hands.

The short answer, yes.
The long answer, it's comparable.

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All info in this summary is taken from this thread on Maintankadin. All credit to Maintankadin.

With the addition of crusader strike and the use of hammer of the righteous and shield of the righteous down, weapon DPS is no longer what we look at in a tanking weapon. Now we have to think like a ret paladin. Higher end damage on a slower swinging weapon is now better for tanking. High top end damage helps our abilities and slow swinging procs censure just as much as fast weapons. For tanking weapons anything with hit or expertise on it becomes better than anything else. Where does that leave Mithrios? Just ahead of Broken Promise because of the expertise/hit, slower swing, and high top end damage.

So as tanking weapons go the way of the dodo bird, look for any 2.6 speed one handed DPS weapon with hit or expertise on it and go from there!

Remember; the closer you are to the hard cap of 56 expertise the better!

Graphs from Maintankadin.

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