Monday, November 8, 2010

Prot Paladin: Regemming in 4.0.1 into Cataclysm

A few things have changed with 4.0.1 (mainly the changes to defense) and with that are changes to how we gem as protection. Do you have all stamina gems? Did you match a lot of multicolor slots with strength because of the extra TPS it gave you? There is one important simple thing that you might be overlooking, expertise!

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Become an expert!
To put it simply, expertise hard capped is the single best thing you can do for TPS. I suggest getting to the softcap of 26 and make sure you have 8% hit. Then where you can push the Expertise as close as you can to hard capped of 56! With the nerf of shield and Hammer of the Righteous strength no longer really helps us in terms of TPS. More damage is done now with melee swings, crusader strike, and other abilities that can be parried, dodged, or just plain miss.

What the heck do I do with all those stamina gems?
Keep them! Stamina is a great stat after hit and expertise! Stamina makes your health higher (duh!), but the larger your health pool the more AP you gain from the vengeance buff. Thus, high health = high AP = high TPS. NICE!

To reiterate.
1. 8% hit
2. 26 minimum expertise up to 56 hard capped.
3. Stamina!

Good luck!


russh said...

Sorry to be a noob, but I'm confused. Which expertise number should I be looking at on my armory?

For instance, my tooltip for expertise right now reads:

Expertise 98
Reduces chance to be dodged or parried by 3.00% Expertise rating 12 (+12 expertise)

Which number should I be moving toward the 56 hard cap?

Gordrin said...

the Rating is what should be at least above 26 to be soft capped, and 56 is the hard cap. The Glyph of Seal of Truth gives you 10 expertise Rating!, so make sure you have that.