Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Old Flare

Matt Low over at WoW Insider recently posted a nice picture (and explaination) of the new flare system on the beta. For those of you unfamiliar with flares, they were exactly that. You could throw them down and for a short duration they would puff up smoke in varying colors. These were great in certain encounters to mark an area of importance. To be honest, they were never used enough. Even some seasoned raiders may have never used or seen a flare used in a practical applicaiton. I digress. With patch 401 they have added to the raid leader UI an option of drop a "world marker". This options appears for both the raid leader and anyone marked assist. The world markers operate and looks just like the old smoke flares but have a longer duration. I like the change but the NEW NEW world marker looks even more amazing. Check it out below and click on the image for the original post.

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