Monday, November 29, 2010

Blizzard says NO to block capping for Paladins

I haven't been keeping up much over the thanksgiving week, so I find myself surprised (but not really) that the protection paladin mastery was changed.

What exactly happened? Read on!

Well as you know from previous articles (4.0.1 Prot Paladin) that Mastery was the key and block capped was the goal. Well all that number crunching from players resulted in something many of us saw coming. The nerf bat has been swung on block capping.

Here is what has changed;

Divine Bulwark: Mastery used to be 2% block per point in Mastery and now has been upped to 2.25%


Holy Shield now offers NO block chance, but instead it blocks 10% more damage, meaning blocks block 40% of incoming physical damage instead of 30%.

What does this mean to you?

Basically means that 102.4% is a little harder to hit because we can't count on the free 15% block chance from Holy Shield. This also means Paladins don't have a necessary goal of being blocked capped before anything else which opens up your chance to do whatever you want. This also includes becoming a blocking machine. Because of the 40% reduced damage block seem a little better, but it will be harder to become block capped.

This means you don't need to force everything into mastery right away. For example, you will want to get avoidance capped again at some point in the future. This however will be a little harder to reach given that every level we get diminishing returns will take down all our avoidance just like every x-pac with new levels.

So just do what you want until all the models can be run on the new stats at level 85.

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