Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to the Wonderful World of CC

Welcome to the wonderful world of Crowd Control, CC for short. One of the things that was prevalent in vanilla, but has been in and out of favor with Blizzard since then. Come Cataclysm, it will make its triumphant return. This post is all about a Mage’s responsibilities when dealing with this aspect of our job, and some tips and tricks to make it easy. I will even be including a macro or two to help as well.

As I said in my initial post on the blog, Mages have THE strongest CC in the game. It is long-term, re-applicable prior to break, applies to a lot of mobs, has no CD, and is controlled directly by us (not a pet CC). This CC is the shit. PERIOD. Plus we get the hotness of getting multiple transformations, like Polymorph: Turtle or Polymorph: Pig, and we have a couple glyphs to alter our base spell. Obviously these are only changes in the skin, BUT if you have multiple poly targets, it gives a quickly visible way to distinguish poly targets. Obviously if you are following the tips I give momentarily it won’t be necessary, but shit happens, so still something you should set up at the beginning of raids. Now, on to the tips.

  1. Focus your target - /focus is an incredibly powerful tool. One that makes maintaining a visual on your target easier. Plus since it is “targeted,” you can watch your debuff to make sure you reapply the poly in time to make sure it doesn’t get loose and punch your healer in the face.
  2. Watch your target – DO NOT let it out of your sight. If you are unable or unwilling to /focus your target, don’t target ANYTHING else. Your MAIN duty at this point is to make sure that mob is not allowed to fight. You will be getting the most dangerous mobs if you are good at CC, so make ‘em love you even more by not letting the mob out of your sight.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reapply Poly early – If you have the time to do it feel free to switch targets back and forth between the main kill target and your Poly target, but remember you can reapply it early to make sure it doesn’t break, while you attempting a full rotation on the main kill target.
  4. Keep your IB or Invis button ready – One of the pulls you are going to have to get used to is the Poly pull. This gives you all the initial aggro on the ENTIRE pull. With the changes to tanking, especially AoE tanking, one or 2 mobs might come at you no matter what that tank does, so be able and willing to give him that couple of seconds. Also you want to keep your Frost Nova ready to save the healer on the off chance their heals are enough to pull the extras off you but before the tank can pick them up.
  5. You are less important than the healer – If the healer dies, you ALL die. If the tank dies, you ALL die. There is a little move that we used to call the electric slide. You stand a step behind and to the side of the healer so you can walk forward and strafe across the front of the healer and pop Frost Nova to protect him from a loose mob. This is most likely going to happen at the beginning of a fight, but hey, remember, shit happens, so stay there for the whole pull.
Macros will make your life a LOT easier. You can make a focus macro if you want. I don’t use them but I’m a relatively fast typist. My favorite Poly macro is:

#showtooltip Polymorph(Turtle)
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Polymorph(Turtle)
/cast [nomodifier:shift] Polymorph(Turtle)
This macro allows you to poly your current target, or if you hold shift when you activate the icon, ploy your focus target, no matter what your current target is. It doesn’t even change your target. Obviously the red text is the spell chosen. You can change this when you make your macro by Shift + clicking and Poly spell from your spellbook. This macro is incredibly solid, and combined with the addon, Decursive, you will have all the poly possibilities covered. For those unfamiliar with Decursive, my next post for mages will be about addons, so be looking for it soon.

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