Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warrior | Back In The Ring

Must say its good to be back to WoW, big thanks to Titleist for holding my spot. I must also say that its a little bitter sweet. I made it back just in time for the patch, and the change to some abilities has me seriously rethinking the talents and specs I used previously for tanking. From initial tweaking, these are thoughts on specs and talents, at 80. Obviously things may change as the level cap increases, but no doubt with nerfs buffs, and changes from blizz, this all could get totally reversed.

Again this is only considering having 36 talent points, and there is a brief explanation with each. Here is a link to the talent spec you are about to see explained.

Field Dressing - 2 points
Should be self-explanatory on this one, 20% buff to your enraged regen, and 6% extra heals, I'm happy.

Blood Craze - 1 point
Again as this is a Lvl 80 spec, one point into this is beneficial, extra heals are always good. I would speculate unless there are some serious mechanic changes, plan to max this talent out at 85.

Cruelty - 2 points
I initially opted not to spend the points here, since it is no longer an across the board crit buff; however after some experimenting in-game, and taking into consideration the nerfing of Heroic Strike as our threat go to button. All these things considered, Shield Slam seems to be what Blizz is directing our threat gen main to be. That being said, the 10% crit bonus to Shield Slam from cruelty becomes more appealing.

Incite - 1 point
I hated to admit it, but I could not find a convenient way to continually incorporate Heroic Strike into tanking anymore. The rage cost is simply too high, and the ability really does not pack enough damage with a one-hander alone. In truth only put in one point to make the 30 required for Shockwave.

Toughness - 3 points
Again a no brainer for a tank, increased armor, I'm there.

This tricky little ability allows for the application of Rend on every target in TC range. Can help with multi mob control, but we are gonna be lacking in that across the board until Blizz gives our Thunderclap its threat back.

In essence this is now your bloodrage ability, or rage generation. Guarantees that whenever you pop Shield Block, your resource bar will get some deposits.

Shield Mastery - 3 points
I was VERY ticked off that Blizz took away our 60% damage reduction on Shield Wall, only to have to glyph and increase the CD by 2 mins to get it back. That's right, a glyph and 2 talent points at LEAST, just to get back to ground zero. Either or, with Glyph and talents, we are looking at 60% dmg red, and a 4 min CD.

Hold the Line - 2 points
I get buffed after I parry? Sweeeeeeet. Self Explanatory guys, although does place a slightly higher benefit on parry over dodge when looking at stats though.

Gag Order - 2 points
GREAT for caster pulls, and for PvP as well. Shortened CD on Heroic Throw was an unexpected bonus for me.

Last Stand - 1 point
Our ever faithful, " WHERE ARE MY G(*&^Y*%& HEALS!!!!!!!" button. A must have.

The new uncrittable, or defense stat. Um no real way around that one...

Warbringer - 1 point
Charge in Def Stance......and in combat......done.

Improved Revenge - 2 points
Again, with the removal of the early mechanic of Heroic Strike, Revenge now becomes one of your bread and butter abilities.

Devastate - 1 point
Little has seemed to change for our constantly smacking this while waiting for something else to come off CD button.

Thunderstruck - 2 points
Tooltip says it all. May I also point out, that it increases the output of 2 abilities linked also by Blood and Thunder, AND 30% increase to Shockwave.......someone pinch me.....

Basically, 2 points to get Shield Black back to what it used to be....Take it, not much choice here.

I may be wrong here, but the addition of allowing Revenge to proc this is HUGE. Too me, it seems to proc more often than not, supporting the idea that Blizz wants Shield Slam to be our threat move.

Shockwave - 1 point
The New Old Favorite. Hard Hitting, buffable, AE, stun. Ill take 2 please.

You will have noticed by now 4 abilities in Protection that are left out. Some play styles differ from mine, and therefore you technically have the 1 point from Incite to toss around. Here are my thoughts as to why these 4 talents are not worth 1 of your 36 points at 80.

Concussion Blow - 0 points
Blizz dropped the threat from it, and it really doesn't hit hard enough to warrant the rage cost. I know, you saying "What about Vigilance???" Read next line....

Vigilance - 0 points
Refreshed Taunt, 20% of damage transfers as Vengeance, 3% less damage. Sorry, with no threat modifier anymore, not worth one of my 36 points. The vengeance thing alone is a joke. SO You will take 5% of that 20% damage as vengeance, assuming you are not already at your max, which, if you have been tanking anything for more than 5 seconds, should not be the case. I can see altering this if you are in a situation where it would be applied to the other tank for endless taunts to control multiple adds, i.e. the Lich King fight. Aside from that however, I am not a fan of spec'ing for each fight individually.

With Warbringer, kinda a no brainer, and the use of Devastate on a target below 20%, from what I have seen, if a target is below 20% right now, you have about 3 seconds till its gone anyway, not worth a point.

Safeguard - 0 points
In my opinion, was and still is a PvP talent.

I still have not been able to nail down a designated rotation for Warrior tanking. It seems to still be a bit like whack-a-mole. To be honest though, that it what has kept me tanking as a warrior for so long. Each tank plays differently and needs to spec accordingly as to maximize their own output.

In an overview, 4.0.1 seems to have significantly weakened our AE tanking abilities, chiefly due to the reduction in threat of Thunderclap. I am reminded of Vanilla or Burning Crusade days when assist trains were mandatory, and DPS had to be smart. I don't know about the rest of you, but that scares the crap outta me. So good luck out there in Azeroth, and tell your DPS that if they attack something you aren't, your going to let them die. It usually works for me.

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