Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[Updated] Most Basic Prot Warrior Macro

This is a macro that I have used since my very first lesson in Prot Warrior Tanking. It is my belief that it should be macro'd to (almost) every ability in the Prot Warrior arsenal, as it will increase your TPS exponentially. We're talking about Heroic Strike.

Let us use Rend as an example ability . Here is what the macro should look like:
#showtooltip Rend
/cast Rend
/stop casting
/cast Heroic Strike
As I stated above, I use this macro on almost every single ability. The first line of the macro allows the tooltip of the base ability to still show when you hover your mouse over the icon (otherwise it would only show the name of your macro). The second line casts (yes I know, we as warriors don't really cast anything...but it is the language used) the ability. The third line is more of a place holder so the macro knows when to continue with its instructions. The fourth-and most important line-casts (theres that word again) Heroic Strike.

Now lets talk about Heroic Strike for a minute.

Heroic Strike: A strong melee attack that increases melee damage by 495 and causes a high amount of threat. causes 173 additional damage against dazed targets.

The benefits of this ability are limitless. What it does is increase your damage output (increased damage => DPS => more threat). On top of that, it causes a high amount of threat in itself, which adds to your TPS (TPS = Threat per Second). As a tank (be in main tank or off-tank), we live and die by how much threat we pull. The main tank should be the highest puller of threat in any given encounter. If the off tank is not holding any adds, he should have the second highest threat, not to go above 105% of the main tanks threat or he will pull the boss.

I know I kinda went off on a tangent with that but let me summarize. Heroic Strike is the Bread and Butter of Warrior tanking, and it should be macro'd to every other ability. Heoric Strike adds threat in two different ways, through increased damage, and from causing a high amount of threat on its own.

Macro it; Learn it, Live it, Love it.

Ok, so in one of my earlier posts, I started receiving a little bit of flak for saying that Heroic Strike should be macroed into just about every ability that we Warriors have. Others were saying that this is no longer viable, because the dynamic of Heroic Strike has been altered in 4.0.1. (it no longer is a on-next-swing ability and now has a three second CD). To all these nay-sayers, I just want to let them know that I stand by my original post, that Heroic Strike should be macroed into almost all of a Warriors abilities.

Lets think back to what I posted as my "Starter" macro--the one I start MOST encounters with:

/cast Heroic Throw
/stop casting
/cast Charge

This macro utilizes two different abilities with the push of a single button (Heroic Throw and Charge obviously). the CD on Heroic throw is a lot longer then a GCD (1 min to be precise) and the macro still allows me to charge in weapons swinging without skipping a beat. Plus, being able to start an encounter with 15 rage is a good booster to help build your initial threat.

Using that macro as a model now, lets consider the Heroic Strike macro. As before, let's use Rend as an example:

/cast Rend
/stop casting
/cast Heroic Strike

YES....I get that this macro will not have you using Heroic Strike every time you mash a button, and will cause you to hear, "That ability is not ready," or "I cannot do that yet," or the infamous "not enough rage" if the HS is not ready; but if the initial ability is off of its timer and HS is off of CD, then it will cast one and then the other.

In the interest of thoroughness I went into Auchenai Crypts in Terokkar Forest and decided to run a few simulations. First I killed the first trash mob with the macro, and then i went out, reset the instance, and tried it again without the macro. The time I ran it with the macros enabled, Recount gathered Heroic Strike being used 10 times pulling the first half of the first room, and my TPS was in the 6-8k range as tracked by Omen. When I reset it and duplicated the pull, Heroic Strike was only used 6-8 times because i didn't always look at it to be off of its CD, and my threat was 4-6k TPS as tracked by Omen.

Is this a definitive test in a solid raid environment? No, of course it isn't, and I realize that. I plan on running more simulations when my guild, Malice, heads back into ICC and I can see if the macro is still beneficial in a full-blown raid scenario. Stay tuned for those results as I get them.

If there are constructive comments or questions, please feel free to post them and I will answer them or explain why I chose to do what I did. But as of this moment, I still believe this to be a very viable macro that Protection Warriors should be using to maximize their TPS.

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