Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4.0.1 Paladin | Prot Reforging for Mastery

Reforging is an interesting way to switch stats around on your gear.

What is the best way when patch 4.0.1 hits to reforge your old gear?

The simple answer is mastery. (this is true for almost all the tanking classes)

Examples are after the jump.

Looking at my original stats I see a few things have changed from live to the 4.0.1 PTR.

My stats on live are:
Armor 34451
Dodge: 27.92 (648 adding 14.32%)
Parry 23.60 (549 adding 11.69%)
Block 14.16 (42 adding 2.56%)

My stats on the PTR are:
Armor 27145
Dodge 23.47 (1049 adding 22.95%)
Parry 22.58 (1039 adding 22.96%)
Block 21 (Base Mastery skill of 8.00 adds 16% block)

First things first, OUCH!
  • They reduced armor by a lot.
  • I have 401 more dodge rating, but I still have lower dodge.
  • I have 290 more parry, but I still have lower parry.
My block is up because I have the base 8.00 points of Mastery in Divine Bulwark.

Looks like they changed my defense stats into more dodge and parry, but they also really upped the diminishing returns on dodge and parry.

Because of the increase in diminishing returns I looked to where I had no diminishing returns yet, Mastery.

Reforging Dodge and Parry into Mastery

The option I took was to reforge into the Mastery stat.
I did some quick napkin math.
  • Dropping 42 Dodge rating dropped my Dodge by .70%
  • Dropping 87 Parry rating dropped my Parry by 1.94%

So napkin math says:
  • My dodge is about .0167% per point
  • My parry is about .0223% per point
So obviously dodge is the most impacted by diminishing returns and parry is pretty impacted as well.

I decided to reforge my gear to try and get 20% Dodge and 20% Parry and then see how much my block moved up because of the Mastery stat.

 So I managed to get 461 Mastery rating which added 10 points of master which translates to an increase of 20% change to block. So I lost 3.66% dodge and 2.35% parry and gained 20% block. Not a bad deal at all considering on a successful block the incoming damage is reduced by 30%. Add into this holy shield increasing the blocking chance of 15% to make chance to block 46% I'm pretty happy with it. Until Beta hits with Mastery on items to start with this is the best way to currently Reforge your stats.


David said...

Actually you gained no damage reduction.
You lost 6.01% physical reduction from parry and dodge
You gained 20% * 0.3 (30% from block) which is 6%

The most you could say you gained was a smoothing of damage intake and an increase of reckoning procs.

Ross said...

Paladins can spec into blocking 50% of damage for 20 seconds after using crusader strike or hammer of the righteous which. This buff has no cooldown which means it is always up. So 20% block is actually 10% damage reduction.