Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reckoning Gets Another Chance

I thought I'd take a second look at Reckoning, as most people know Reckoning was wasted space in WotLK. Melee attacks were barely any of our threat or damage because RF only affected holy power damage. Add to that Reckoning would only proc when the tank was struck which went against the huge amount of evasion that was built in Wrath. Oh and 5 points is a lot of points on something like that.

Is Reckoning ripe for a comeback?

Reckoning now has it's proc based in blocking. That seemed odd to me because our Mastery stat also increases blocking, so I thought perhaps Blizzard was trying to point us to it for tanking instead of just leveling. Add to the fact that RF now increases threat from all attacks including melee and suddenly getting extra swings in to cause extra threat and extra Censure stacks/damage seemed interesting.

Doing some of my own tests I came to an odd conclusion;
Reckoning actually works now.

In a few heroics and some soloing of some dungeons I noticed that Reckoning was giving me more of a boost than I expected. I expected a slight increase, but not something that I would notice instantly. My tests showed that the extra reckoning hits alone were accounting for 6-8% of my damage against bosses and lower on trash(that dies way too fast), and that the reckoning Censure ticks were adding as well.

Put that together with my melee pulling in another 8% and the boost was surprising. Threat increased as a result, most evident with chain pulling as I'd pull the next pack of adds with holy shield still active and almost instantly proc reckoning to quickly build threat on the new mobs.

I decided to make sure my findings were legit so I checked around and found this awesome article written by Theck from To quote from his summary.
  • Sacred Duty and Wrath of the Lightbringer are mandatory threat talents.
  • Reckoning now kicks ass. It's Reckommended (see what I did there?)
  • Crusade is also quite potent, and worth the 3 points if you have them.
  • Grand Crusader and Seals of the Pure are about equal and "decent" choices.
  • JotP, AotL, and Hallowed Ground are all "optional" from a single-target perspective.


Kris said...

So earlier in youre talent tree overview you said that reckoning was only good for leveling are you saying now that its good for end game raiding as well?

Gordrin said...

Yes, I should go back and re-edit the talent tree.

Reckoning was always ignored because it required being struck to get a chance and physical attacks were one of the weakest threat/damage moves of a protection paladin.

Now with all abilities doing more damage including physical swings and threat generation being amplified for all damage, not just holy damage AND reckoning now procs off of block with block being our mastery talent it all lines up as a very good ability to now take.

Also, parry hasting has been removed from most bosses since the second patch of WotLK, guessing it was so DKs didn't get gibbed by it.

Hope that helps.