Friday, February 26, 2010

Tanking with addons to maximize usefulness

The funny thing about paladin tanks more than any other tank is that we have a few spells that we can use on the raid, on single people, on basically anyone for a variety of circumstances.

Click to cast addon = pure win!

Now you might say to yourself.. Healbot and Vuhdo.. those are for healing right??

Actually, because of my healing on my shaman I've found a great use for healbot on my paladin.

Why use healbot?

Couple reasons I use healbot(vuhdo works too).

Debuffs:I can see debuffs on raid members and other tanks. If it doesn't exist I just add in a custom debuff that turns the whole health bar red, for like Rune of blood on saurfang. That way I have 2 warnings, DBM AND healbot turning colors.

Cleanse: OMG why would a tank cleanse. Think of it this way, as a tank would you rather give up a single gcd to remove something from someone or have the healer do it and not get that 10k heal on you? Pretty easy choice, I constantly cleanse myself and the raid while tanking as long as I have a good threat lead I am going to help the healers, we expect mages and druids to help decurse, why can't paladin tanks help cure diseases and poisons?

Hand of Protection: Why not have a click of the mouse to HoP the healer or someone who gets the mark in saurfang.. oh look that already shows as a debuff and now I know exactly who to HoP and I just click the mouse and it works!

Hand of Salvation: DPS catching up to you in threat? A click of the mouse sends them back down in the aggro charts. Oh did I mention you can set healbot to color the bar and freak out if someone gets near you in aggro?

Hand of Sacrifice: With healbot I see every one's life, incoming heals, and such. If I see a tank taking a massive set of punches to the face and incoming heals not getting them to full, a click of the mouse stops 30% of incoming damage and routes it to me, hooray the boss fight keeps going!

Righteous Defense: Probably one of the best, although maybe not intended use of Righteous Defense is with click to cast. See healbot as stated above freaks the hell out if someone pulls aggro off me, it also shows if ANYONE in the ENTIRE RAID has aggro. A simple click of the mouse and up to three targets aggro to me instead. Wow that was easy, I just saved that mage casting blizzard or warrior casting bladestorm.

So this is why I use healbot during a fight, keep in mind, if you are a click caster, as in you click all your abilities, this might be hard to do then. I have my normal rotation setup on the 1-6 keys so I can keep my rotation going while clicking on healbot as needed.

This is how mine is setup:
Left click: Cleanse(use it a ton)
Middle click: Hand of Salvation
Right click: Righteous Defense
Shift left click: Hand of Protection
Shift right click: Hand of sacrifice

I use control to talk in vent so I set all my ctr clicks to be the same exact thing as my normal click so I can talk and perform the same actions.

Other addons I recommend:
A hud, get one, I use my archud simply to tell me % of life left on my target. I use my frames to tell me how much in numbers is left of the targets life.

Omen: Just to see other people's threat and your own TPS

Recount: I set this not to sync until out of combat as to not spam people during combat, but good to know why you died, why other people died, what type of damage, dps, healing, etc. (I don't even look at this until after a fight anyways.)

While I'm at it, make sure you test all of your clicking before a boss fight, make sure they are all working during trash, or duel with a rogue outside to make sure if they poison you it works fine. Taunt of another tank with the righteous defense click(make sure they know you'll be doing it!)

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