Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The March to The Exalted Title

 As Cataclysm approaches there are things that still need to be accomplished.

One of my goals is to get my Warlock(Losoth) the Exalted title, and if I have the time(and patience) the Diplomat title. Titleist and I just finished getting exalted with Zandalar Tribe which puts me at 36 exalted reputations.

I feel like I should farm some more raids in order to get this, but I have some interesting choices to make.

Ashen Verdict
I still don't have the Ashen Verdict exalted, I could PuG ICC in my free time with Titleist, but I hate fail groups and I don't want to stay up forever wiping.

We (Titleist and I) are both working on this one, it is so boring. Same quests over and over, if I didn't have people to talk to in vent I'd cry.

Hyjal, BT, AQ40, MC
I need all of these rep grinds still, my paladin was my BC raider and I joined when BC came out so my lock has almost no rep for any of these.

Keepers of Time and Lower City
Revered with both of these, but will take a pretty boring grind to finish these off, maybe I can bug Titleist when he is drunk to go run these. I can solo as Demonology the Keepers of Time instances so maybe.

I think Oracles + Keepers of Time might be my best bet right now.

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