Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving, moving, moving.

Happy Independence day for those of you living in the U.S. of A. and to those US citizens currently overseas! I've had myself a nice little weekend, spending some time with the family and on the beach. Win win.

This week was a tough week for me in terms of my gaming, for a couple of reasons. First of all WoW is currently experiencing a couple of different doldrums, the first being summer lag. During the summer months populations decrease due to many reasons; people being more social, spending time with families, traveling, getting sun burned - all good things. Raiding has always seemed to slow down during the hot months but we always managed to pop off our scheduled raids without too many hitches. The second issue plaguing WoW is pre-expansion related. Basically the game is at the point where most people have seen the content, killed the bosses, got the gear, and now they are taking it easy just waiting around for Cata to drop. Some people level alts and/or gear them up but some people just take it easy in general. This can create some strife for people who either got to the party late or just enjoying raiding in general. I'm the later, I just really enjoy playing with friends and killing bosses. I've been mainly lucky in that regard, the few folks I enjoy playing with are all still around, save for one who recently had a new addition to his family and is understandably busy. So of the 6 nights I was scheduled to raid, only 3 got off the ground successfully. I did manage to scrape together a last minute pug ICC10 the other night, which to my amazement was a quality run with few mistakes. Most pugs generally clear the first 4 bosses, we ended up clearing 2 additional bosses bringing the total to 6, including 1 on heroic mode. I was pleased to say the least.

The second reason for my concern was my departure from my usual raid team. I recently received a promotion to another department at my work, which was awesome for me. Winning IRL is always better than purples however being the new guy on the team means I have to work evenings until further notice. This basically puts me out of raiding with my 9 PM raid time. Lucky for my my guild is large enough to house a few raid times (they are loose translation of a team, but people can move back and forth as they need) and with my new schedule the later 1 AM raid slot will be my new raid home. This is where my concern starts; I enjoy raiding with some of the people during that time however some of the people I have real issue with. These people don't really know me (or care to) and have already passed judgment on me in the past without getting all the information. Now I'm prepared to tolerate these people if they are prepared to do the same. I'm a quality raider and while most people know and understand that some refusing to give me an inch. I'm hoping that with this transition these people can maybe see the other side of me and why I've been instrumental for my previous raid. In the past this later raid slot has been the more experienced and successful raid slot however during this expansion the early time has surpassed them. The reason for our successes was a combination; the first being an influx of raiders (all in Eastern or Central time) as well has the development of some very good raid leaders. When I started raiding early it was a rag tag group that only did 10 man groups, but since that time our two MT's (main tanks) and MH (main healer) have truly blossomed into skilled, effective leaders. That is really the backbone of our success. I'd like to say I helped out with the development of the team but I would hardly qualify my addition as that. I always bring a bit of drama and silliness that negates raiders from taking me 100% serious or granting me the respect needed to be considered an instrumental leader. My strength lies in my insider knowledge of my raiders and my ability to do my job 110%. If a raid leader doesn't know if a raider is capable of something - they come to me and find out. If they want to know if someone is having issues, either personally or within the game - they come to me. I'm like the HR of early raid. I hope I'll be missed even if for a moment. I know I'll miss playing with the people I've raiding with for the past 2 years.

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