Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jack of all Trades......

Like many of my creative endeavors I find myself forcing myself to create. This blog is no exception. There are just so many hours in a day and considering I'm not a full time writer or blogger, finding the time to sit down and write is hard to say the least. I work a full time bank job, have a wife and two kids, and play wow in any freetime I may scrounge up. As you can imagine sitting down to blog painfully gets moved to the end of the list. I assume that if I actually had readers I may become more motivated to blog but until then it's gonna be forced labor.

Like normal, things have changed since the last time I posted. My current main is my Death Knight and of course this has a funny story attached to it. Basically I took some time off from serious raiding and Malice for a few months. I decided to level a toon casually on a server with some co-workers. This was not anything super serious, as my friends were new to the game and were leveling like old people fuck. I could power level a DK with some lighting speed but I decided to relax and enjoy the experience. The one thing I found out fast, being poor was not fun! So I leveled herbalism and inscription as fast as I could and began to make some bank. Well this was not fast enough for me so I transfered my druid over with about 10k in gold and tons of plate BOE epics for my DK once he hit 80. It was so odd to see my usual tauren self as a night elf, but it was kinda cool at the time time (shadowmeld is op). Well a couple of things happened after this.

First, my DK hit 80 and I began to run heroics with him. I decided on DW Frost because I leveled unholy and blood and wanted something new. I quickly fell in love with it and remain dw frost to this day. I learned real fast that a being a DK is painful. You can forget about VOA invitations and certainly about PUG raid invitations. If you are DPS your random queues are painfully long so it's like pulling teeth the whole way. I tried to tank in order to expedite my queue times but I sucked horribly. In order to preserve some of the Death Knight name I put away the defense gear, grabbed a book, and queued as DPS. /sigh

Secondly, I had my druid over on that server so I began to raid some here or there casually. I found out fast that I was not willing to join a raiding guild like Malice because, while they are considered casual, there is a certain amount of commitment you need to agree to in order to be sucessfull. This left me with some younger guilds as my only option. Well as you can imagine I went though many of them.....The first was full off snotty young assholes. Instead of communication raid chat is a steady stream of meter linking and l2play nub comments. The second was basically pugging 5 people each night and had no real solid foundation. If you pugged with the guild you actually had a higher chance of getting gear (with their loot system) so there was not really any point in being there. The last was a serious guild that reseached my work online and cross server and made a flattering offer to me but I could not commit and leave the people I've enjoyed playing with for so long.

Lastly, my friends that originally encouraged me to play on that server all but stopped playing. Of the few people only one still played and he was more into pvp anyway. The couple that played were going through some family issues and even the escape of WoW was just not a viable option to them. Finally I realized my calling and made the annoucement, I was returning to Malice.

Stunningly my return was well recieved and most (I do stress MOST) of the people I directly played with were very happy to see me return. It was a nice homecoming and I'll never forget it. I returned my druid to Haomarush and decided to bring my DK along as well. The guild was mostly set on healers so I moved back to my hunter and began the road to raiding once again. By some odd happenstance I decided to bring my DK into a raid to DPS one day. About halfway through one of the main tanks (and long time wow-friend of mine) sends me a whisper; "hey, you should make your DK your main". I thought about the pros (getting to play a new class, new role, and provided melee buffs that were lacking before) and the cons (losing a rank in guild, being behind the guild in gear substancially, trying to learn melee dps) but in the end I agreed it was the smartest plan of action. Thus began my DK's rise to fame.

Today I'm one of the guild's top melee dps and I love my job. When I came back the guild was actually very short on solid DK dps and since my return we've picked up a few new DK's and the exisiting ones have improved leaps and bounds. I try and work with them as much as I can, either in person and via the guild forums where I created a guide to help dw dps and death knights in general. Since I began to obliterate the charts we've had several other dw dk's blossom into killing machines, even giving me a run for my money. It reminded me of my hunter days where I would take a lame hunter and turn him into a killing machine, even out dpsing myself. I like being the best and I'm no scrub - but if all the dps is beating me that can only mean one thing, a dead dead bosses.

This bring us to now, today, this very minute. My DK is for the mosts part BiS and we have been testing our meddle by taking on heroics with a fiery passion of a thousand suns. All the time I'm having a blast. So I'm back, for now at least, I'm back. This blog was originally a place where I can channel my hunter thoughts but I'm turning this into my WoW general blog. I hope you all enjoy.

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