Monday, January 26, 2009

Nerf bat? Yeah right.

Making lemonade. Today that is what being a hunter is all about. No one enjoys getting bludgeoned to death with the nerf bat, but what seperates the true with the lame-o's is the ability to react, respond, and readjust. BM was the majorty raid viable spec in BC, not to mention very OP in early WOTLK but things are very different now. I truely believe that being a skilled hunter now requires players to learn the class, instead of just mash macro and spec BM. That is not to say that BM is dead by any means. The balance between trees that now exists is something that I welcome and continue to be excited about. Personally I would love to see 3 hunters in each 25 man, one of each spec. Each carries it's own unique raid buff that is borderline essential. If it's Ferocious Inspiration, Replentishment, or Trueshot Aura all three specs bring something to the table that can mean the difference between free epics or cancel christmas. There are great damage dealing and utility opportunities in each tree, but I'm going to focus on one in particular, my current raid spec.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

PVE Stings & You

Stings are an integral part of being a hunter that often gets overlooked while leveling and raiding. To be a truly successful hunter means knowing when and where to use stings properly and quickly. Often times hunters know the basics behind what stings do, but fail to apply them situationally as may arise. As hunters we have stings to tackle a huge array of encounters; we can save a tanks life, deal damage to untouchable targets, increase our DPS, and sleep/silence casters. Hopefully this mini guide can help new hunters work these power allies into their play. Knowing the mechanics behind stings can help even the saltiest of hunters improve their utility and dps. Enjoy.