Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Hunter Changes for 308

Explosive Shot - No longer deals AE damage. Substantial boost in base damage [now dealing ((RAP * .18 ) + 476) fire damage to target] plus will blast every second for two seconds afterward.

Arcane Shot - Reduced the cost or match that of Steady Shot. [at higher levels - down to 5% of base mana from 7%]

Marked For Death - Now affects Arcane Shot.

What does this mean? Well in a nut shell SURV needed a boost in damage and the buff to ExS will do just that. Also by removing the AOE damage they made this more raid viable, there is no longer that fear of breaking CC - in the rare event that CC is used. With the cost reduction I can see a SURV rotation combination of ExS -> Arcane -> SS -> SS emerging. That was the rotation I used on the PTR while running numbers and I had the most sucess with that. In fact, SURV has greatly impressed me thus far mainly due to Master Tactician, which almost always triggers Expose Weakness. With those up I'm pushing 45% crit and 4425 RAP unbuffed. As a last thought to the viability of SURV, I found the best mana efficiency in this tree. With Thrill of the Hunt and Hunting Party I was able to lengthen my attack time by nearly 33% before going OOM.

There is also talk that stables will be removed from the game. In place of stablemasters, hunter pets will be located on your pet/companion tab. In terms of lore, they would be making it so that the hunter has "mastery of calling forth and commanding his pets". It makes sense to me. The main logistical reason for this would be to allow duel speccing into and out of BM and not have to retalent your pet each time. Now the big debate is between this change and to simply have pets dual spec as well. Honestly I would love to be able to AOE grind with my Tankrilla, then call forth my raid cat in the event that some "accidental" pvp occurs without having to head into town first. Regardless, with dual specs comes the issue of pets and either solution is exciting.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Well it's been over a month since I last posted. Since that time WOTLK has been released, I've hit 80, ran lots of Heroic's, and began raiding Naxx. Whoa. It took me 13 days to ding 80, and I enjoyed every minute of it. So where to start, how about release day.....