Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Weeks.

Two whole weeks until WOTLK comes out and my life once again takes a infernal spin for the worst. By that I mean back I'm going back to the level grind. I'm excited to see what we have in store for the opening quests. When my first toon was grinding to hit the level cap I relied so heavily on QuestHelper to guide me along. With all these new quests, will there be QH or Carbonite data available day 1? I'm assuming that data collected from Beta info will be used in the opening stages and that many quests will be very similar to those actually in the release version. When I think about BC ending, I get all sad but really when I think of it - what exactly IS BC? Is it the raid bosses? Some would argue yes but then again in order to get to those raid bosses what is the first essential step? Questing. To the core, it's all the zones of outland and the quests grinding to 70. So why am I so upset it's ending? I hated the grind from 60-70. That grind only took me around 1 month, so I could be in WOTLK raids as soon as Christmas. That would be fun as hell, in my opinion. But what to do? Who knows when the next xpac will be released so should I plow through on my hunter or stop and work on my druid? I'm a hunter at heart but the benefits to leveling the druid are plentiful. He's easy to level, first and foremost. Second, once I get to 80 I can specialize in any role that's needed - healer, tank, dps both melee and ranged. The Druids viability was totally buffed for BC and I imagine that will continue into WOTLK. With the combination of healing/damage into spellpower it's become even easier to be truly hybrid. My hunter is limited to ranged DPS and I have a feeling with all these people attempting DK's right out of the gate, there will be a real need for DPS at the beginning of WOTLK endgame. This would allow me to quickly get thrown in to the action as top DPS for progressions raids versus working my Druid - by the time he was there I'm sure the raids would be on farm. As you can see I'm in total conflict.

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