Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RIP Shattrath City 11/13/2008

I'm honestly wondering what will become of the mighty Shattrath city. A few weeks
back I was running around Sithilus helping people run some quests and I realized
that pre-BC this place had to be a hotbed of activity. As one of the zones of the highest
level cap, plus one that held a pvp minigame I'm sure it was gankcity. You would
be hard pressed to find anyone there now. It's just so hard to imagine Shat
completely empty. My suggestions for it? I think they should open it up like any
capital city - include some trainers and perhaps some auction houses. That way when I'm power leveling my alt from 60-70 I don't have to worry about traveling back to Azeroth. Currently that is just not feasible - if they included all that in Shat the other capital cities would become ghost towns. With the coming of Northrend more people will be back on Azeroth and there is not the concern of creating these ghost towns. Another suggestion? Have a special Shattrath hearth stone that is always available or maybe on a reduced cool down. That way I can head down to the capital cities for training and auctions, and then within 15 minutes be able to get back and begin questing once again. Will that be
enough to save it? Probably not. As I level alts through Outland into Northrend
why bother going to Shat? I'll just park my toon at my nearest quest hub. With the
new hotness being Northrend located back in the old world, why bother stepping
through the dark portal ever again? I can just hit the auction house in Silvermoon City then bust it to Northrend. Thanks for a good time Shattrath. Call me? No, that's OK - I've got your number, I'll give you a, you know....ah sometime.....

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