Sunday, October 12, 2008


As I read more and more into the incoming talents and modification I grow increasing concerned with mana regen for hunters. As Blizzard is now in essence crippling our grinding sustainability when we use AOT Viper [not to mention for the BM hunter, Efficiency is now too deep in the MM tree to get to]. I opted to use Roar of Recovery to help offset this. I'm still concerned with future issues with mana, I feel like come end game raiding Hunter's are going to be cast aside for always being OOM or crappy DPS. For instance I'm always near the very top the dps charts but never below 50% mana during a raid boss fight. Why? I use Sup Mana Oil plus always leave AOT Viper on. With Sup Mana Oil/AOT Viper/Efficiency/Blessing of Wisdom/Spirit buff I actually increase my mana pool with the basic BM 1:1 shot rotation. Most hunter's question why I don't use AOT Hawk. Well first of all the mana drain is HUGE and you can spend more time drinking pots and switching to AOT Viper to recover while I'm slangin' arrows cuz. Indeed many hunters that spend the majority of the time in AOT Hawk find themselves below me DPS wise...WAY below me. Being a BM hunter is all about sustained DPS, not burst. If you are the bursty type, try MM - that's more the style. Don't get me wrong, when it's crunch time I'll pop it all, trinkets+Blood Fury+AOT Hawk but that's only when I know the shit has hit the fan or the boss is pushing daisies prior to my mana pool running out. I hope by the time some hunters breach lvl 80 Blizzard has figured this out, because I'm honestly worried.

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