Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gear Check

As the patch and expansion are upon us - I have been fighting the realization that I'm soon to replace all my hard earned EPIXX with level 70+ greens/blues [gulp]. Well in order to better help myself and maybe others I've created a simple spreadsheet that will show exactly what effect an equipment change will have on your hunter. This is done with numbers and percentages, as well has a nice visual color change. If there is a positive increase, the result would be in green. If the result is negative, it's red. Pretty simple, huh? I mainly used this to get an idea of what changing enchants and/or gems would do to a single piece of gear but it works perfect for comparing two different pieces as well. Next time you consider tossing that green aside, make sure you run it through here first Pedro.

Blachand's Gear Checker
So here is screen shot of this in action, comparing to close pieces of gear. Enjoy.

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