Monday, October 27, 2008


We have good news and bad news. The good news is, if you hated dealing with
zombies and the plague, it's going away in just a few hours. The bad news is, if
you loved dealing with zombies and the plague, it's going away in just a few
hours. Tigole confirmed it in a thread on the General forums, and also mentions
that this isn't all that they have planned for the pre-Wrath umm... festivities,
I guess?

He doesn't go into specifics about what will be happening next,
but the plague is going away. The special bosses and the necropoli wil be around
for awhile yet, a week for the former, a few days for the latter, but the
zombies will be no more as of noon PST. Tigole also assures us that this had
nothing to do with the whining. This part of the story had simply run its
course. We have no idea what's next, but whatever it is, I can't wait to see it.

For the record, in an in-game support mail message that was sent to me, Blizzard acknowledged they were unprepared for the ways in which the mechanics of the event had played out within the world, and flat out apologized once again.

I'll be honest; I really enjoy this event on my hunter. I never thought I'd say this but the Island seems to be the only safe place! I can still do my usual dailies and when groups of zombies appear elsewhere, I round em up with my tankzilla and Thunderstomp \ Volley the fuck out of them. Even though my repair bill has never been higher I crack up every time a zombie lunges out from a hut in TB and eats my brains. For someone at the endgame level this is a great chance to do something new and refreshing.

Unfortunately there are always two sides to be told. Given the xpack coming VERY soon I've been eagerly leveling my druid alt, attempting to get him into WOTLK content asap. This is Blizzards stated goal and a good reason they began DK's at level 55 and not 1. With the mechanics of zombification the way they worked out, it was impossible to do anything short of kill/be killed. WoW is all about play style choices. When I get frustrated at PvP [oh I do] I choose not to queue up for another BG. When I'm sick of getting punched in the mouth by a raid/instance boss, I go farm ore. When I get sick of working professions I go auction stuff and get paid. Image the newly converted player trying to struggle to get to the level cap or push on through to WOTLK content - this event would probably be enough to make them seriously think about buying the xpack or not. The good majority of us here have given days to this game and this just becomes a hiccup, albeit humorous, side story to remember down the road. To me, this was a fine example of poor marketing and project management on the part of Blizzard. I sincerely hope this type of under sight does not make its way into the quality of WOTLK.

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